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December 13, 2021
  For teens and their parents, learning to drive is an exciting time. Teenagers must commit to safety and responsibility on the road to keep themselves and other road users safe. It reduces the rate of motor vehicle-related deaths on the road. Our car accident attorneys know that making commitments to safety improves the odds...
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  While in the driver’s seat, a driver’s decision affects all road users. It is, therefore, helpful if the new driver is cautious while driving. New drivers need to learn all kinds of things before starting driving. New drivers need to know about the automobile they use on the road, but accidents can occur. A...
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  One of the most critical responsibilities of a parent or guardian is to ensure that their child or children are adequately secured with the right seat or restraint while riding in a vehicle. Keeping children safe in cars involves the proper use of seatbelts, booster seats, and car seats. Moreover, car crash deaths are...
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  In Utah, motor vehicle crashes have been the leading cause of injury and death. While working closely with drivers, we at Robert J. DeBry & Associates believe in prioritizing safe driving. Safe driving includes the use of seat belts.¬†Here are the seat belt statistics of 2021: Reducing Severe Injuries and Deaths on the Roads...
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A pedestrian-friendly environment is something all communities should strive for. They help residents understand and identify the causes of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in their areas, at Robert. J DeBry Associates, our car accident attorneys, understand the problem is the key to road traffic accidents is prevention. Pedestrian friendliness makes the community a safer...
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