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Wrongful Death Lawyers.
Utah’s Original Wrongful Death Attorney.

Losing a family member is extremely painful, even without tacking on things like funeral expenses. When you lose them as a result of someone’s negligence, the blow can hit even deeper. You need help from an Utah wrongful death attorney after losing your loved one’s companionship, support and income. Our experienced wrongful death attorneys understand and are here to help you make a wrongful death claim so that you can start to piece your life back together.

What is a Wrongful Death Lawyer?

A wrongful death lawyer is a legal professional who primarily handles lawsuits for those who have lost a loved one(s) due to the negligent or reckless acts of another party. The wrongful death attorney helps the victim’s family build a case against the liable party by providing substantial evidence of the wrongful death and ultimately helps the family procure the appropriate compensation due to circumstances like lost wages, medical bills, and funeral/burial costs.

We Can Help

Our wrongful death lawyers have years of experience handling wrongful death cases and even cases that may be related to your situation, such as personal injury or medical malpractice. We can help carry some of the burdens by:

  • Collecting evidence.
    A wrongful death attorney will stop at nothing to help you build a case for a successful wrongful death lawsuit. We’ll investigate the accident and collect evidence to prove that your loved one’s death was preventable or the result of someone’s negligence.
  • Counting expenses.
    Funeral expenses add up quickly. As does lost income. Our law firm will help you calculate these amounts to build your wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party.
  • Completing forms.
    A wrongful death claim must be made within a certain time limit after a victim’s death called the statute of limitations. A wrongful death attorney can take care of all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner so that you can focus on healing yourself and family members.

We Care About You

Our wrongful death attorneys at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have experience helping individuals and families who have lost loved ones due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. No matter if the wrongful death was caused by personal injury, recklessness, medical malpractice our wrongful death and car accident attorneys are available to take your call 24 hours hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know that this is a devastating loss and we want to offer our professional expertise to help in any way we can. Call our team at 801-699-9999 or fill out our online consultation form for more information on how to et the compensation you deserve.

What To Do In The Event Of A Wrongful Death

We know times are difficult after the death of a loved one and a local Salt Lake City wrongful death attorney is the last thing on your mind. Our wrongful death lawyers are here to offer legal advice during this difficult time and will gather the evidence and information needed to file a wrongful death claim. No matter if the wrongful death is a result of a negligent doctor, trucking accidents, car accidents, or a result of a personal injury we recommend contacting a wrongful death attorney who is experienced in wrongful death suits as soon as possible.

Many of our clients do not know how they will afford the things they need after experiencing a death of a loved one, our wrongful death attorneys will help you become financially dependent and help you find ways to remember a loved one.

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