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How To Help Your Teen Be A Safe Driver


For teens and their parents, learning to drive is an exciting time. Teenagers must commit to safety and responsibility on the road to keep themselves and other road users safe. It reduces the rate of motor vehicle-related deaths on the road.

Our car accident attorneys know that making commitments to safety improves the odds of safety for motor vehicle operators. Avoiding distracted driving prevents distractions, such as smartphones, from talking, texting, or other messages while driving.

Safety Tips For Teenage Drivers

Skills are just developing during the first months of driving. It adds an extra layer to manage, adding an extra layer to work with.

  • Stop driving if you feel drowsy – in some cases, sleepiness might cause more accidents than alcohol.
  • Do not drink and drive; drinking under the influence is proven to slow judgment and slow reflexes.
  • Parents should discuss driving rules with their teen drivers and the consequences for breaking the rules.

Reckless Driving

  • Never rush to a destination – better to be safe than late
  • Try to avoid nighttime driving – in the first months of getting behind the wheel; darkness may get challenging to deal with
  • Discuss ‘home driving rules’ with teens

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