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Safety Tips For New Drivers


While in the driver’s seat, a driver’s decision affects all road users. It is, therefore, helpful if the new driver is cautious while driving.

New drivers need to learn all kinds of things before starting driving. New drivers need to know about the automobile they use on the road, but accidents can occur. A car accident attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates can assist in getting justice if an accident occurs.

Here are the best tips for new drivers to assist them in staying safe and having fun on the road.

Obeying All the Traffic Rules

A driver needs to understand all the traffic rules from the road signs to the right of way. A driver should follow the speed limit and leave enough space between other vehicles. Wearing a seatbelt and obeying the traffic rules can help evade accidents.

Slowing Down

The higher the speed, the less time one has to stop the car. A car accident attorney says that braking distance increases exponentially at speeds of over 45 MPH. The inability to break in time can cause fatal accidents.

Keeping the Car in Good Running Shape

Giving the car the proper care can assist drivers in avoiding breakdowns and potential accidents. Car servicing entails changing the oil frequently. Checking tire pressure often, rotating tires regularly, and checking brake fluids can assist in evading road accidents.

Wearing the Seat Belts

The drivers need to wear the seat belt every time they are driving. There is a widespread misconception about the injuries that seat belts cause. But seat belts are essential as they help car users evade fatalities during accidents. A seat belt holds the driver on the seat in case of an accident to evade being thrown out.

Avoiding Distractions

The drivers should keep their eye on the road to evade distractions. Drivers should not eat, text, call or surf the radio while driving. Accidents can occur within a second, but they can be avoided if the driver pays attention.

Getting Started

In case of an accident, contacting Robert J. DeBry & Associates can be helpful for new drivers. The car accident attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates is competent enough to assist drivers in getting justice. Visit or call (801) 699-9999 to speak with an attorney today.


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