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February 2017
When you have the passion and drive to dedicate yourself to your craft, you can achieve greatness. Your hard work will eventually leave you counted among the elites. As a personal injury lawyer, developing expertise in your field means promising to help each auto accident, motorcycle accident or drug injury as best as you possibly...
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About a month ago, you and your kids woke up on Christmas morning and opened exciting presents left by Santa. All the toys have been opened, used and enjoyed. However, this doesn’t mean everything is safe. Seemingly harmless toys or devices could have manufacturing flaws that put you and your loved ones in danger. To...
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An auto accident is anything but funny when you’re in it. The old adage is that comedy is only tragedy plus time. However, it’s argued that a little bit of distance from the situation can be a recipe for a new perspective. Some Salt Lake City accidents are unusual to say the least. As time...
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