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At Robert J. DeBry, we’re focused not only on helping injured victims but also on preventing injuries before they happen. Our helmet safety program aims to make bike helmets accessible to local children and families at a low cost.

End Text Wrecks Campaign

The viral campaign to help End Text Wrecks! With over 2 million views on Youtube, End Text Wrecks was designed for people to pledge to put down the phone and stop texting while driving with a fun dance.


As lawyers, we’ve seen the tragic impact of drunk driving, and we’ve helped many families pick up the pieces after these accidents occur. We’re equally focused on finding a way to stop drunk driving before it occurs. We’re strong supporters of MADD, and for every drunk driving case we win or settle we donate $500 to MADD. Since 2010, our law firm has donated $44,500 to MADD.


We want to keep our community’s roads safe-especially during busy holiday weekends. Our Free Rides Home program reimburses adults who have been drinking or need a safe way home up to $35 for a cab ride home within the Salt Lake City metro area.


Find out about the various organizations and initiatives we support throughout the community.


Learn about the bills we support and oppose in the Utah State Legislature, and find out how these bills might impact the rights of injured Utahans.


Texting behind the wheel puts you and others on our roads in danger. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources to help the community learn about the risks of texting while driving.










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First, we promise that an experienced, caring attorney will handle your case. Our attorneys are trial-tested with over 200 years combined experience, specializing in serious injury and wrongful death cases. The insurance companies have some of the best attorneys and negotiators representing them, shouldn’t you?

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Robert J. Debry
Brad Debry
Steve Sullivan
George Waddoups
Nancy Mismash
Geri Kelly
Len McGee
Riley Waddoups
Kevin Swenson
Peter Mifflin
Michelle Waddoups
Bryce Kartchner
Chris Barrus
Nathan Langston
Kigan Martineau
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Zachary Lambert
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Aaron Wilde
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Robert J. DeBry is the founder and sole proprietor of Robert J. DeBry & Associates. He has practiced law in Salt Lake City for more than 45 years. His efforts to provide high-quality legal service to our community are unmatched. His team of experienced attorneys and support staff of more than 50 employees operates from three full- service offices located in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and St. George, Utah.

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Steve Sullivan is the Managing Attorney for Robert J. DeBry and Associates. He has dedicated his career to being an advocate for the many individuals he has represented over the years. Steve has successfully resolved hundreds of cases over the 30 years working at the firm.

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George T. Waddoups, one of the firm’s Senior Attorneys, has practiced law since 1982. Born and raised in Brigham City, Utah, George has enjoyed practicing law in the state of Utah because of the deep sense of community he feels for Utahans.

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Brad DeBry has worked at Robert J. DeBry & Associates in various capacities for more than 22 years. Brad started out sweeping the floors and making copies at Robert DeBry & Associates while still a young man, and upon seeing how the work his father Robert performed on behalf of others made a difference in their lives, he knew that this was the path he wanted to take.

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Nancy A. Mismash joined Robert DeBry in November 1997 after working as in house counsel for a nutraceutical company where she was in charge of FDA compliance, patent and trademark procurement, and outside litigation.

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Geri C. Kelley, an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, has dedicated her life to helping others and has represented over 700 clients since working at the firm.

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A Utah native, Leonard “Len” McGee joined Robert J. Debry & Associates in 2006, first as the managing attorney in our St. George office, then as an associate in our Salt Lake office in 2008. Before joining our law firm, Len was insurance counsel for Allstate Insurance in Utah for six years.

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Riley T. Waddoups has been with Robert J. DeBry & Associates for over 19 years, holding various positions in the firm. He has been an attorney since 2008.

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A native of Bountiful, Utah, Kevin Swenson joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2010. He is licensed to practice law in Utah and Idaho.

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Peter was born at the hospital formerly known as St. Ben’s in Washington Terrace, Utah, and grew up in Clearfield, Utah. He graduated from Clearfield High School where he was a two-time varsity letterman in football and a three time varsity letterman in debate.

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Michelle K. Waddoups has been an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates since 2012. Michelle is incredibly dedicated to each case she takes on, and as a member of the Utah Supreme Court, U.S. and Utah District Court she can ensure that every client receives help repairing their lives.

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Bryce W. Kartchner began his career at Robert J. Debry in 2013. He has a passion for defending people who are defenseless and injured because of an accident, and devotes many hours going over clients’ cases to ensure they receive the best representation.

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Christopher R. Barrus has been an associate attorney for Robert J. DeBry & Associates since early 2013. During his time at the firm he has shown an unparalleled commitment to his clients.

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Nathan Langston was raised in St. George, Utah, and is excited to be back practicing as an associate attorney in the St. George office of Robert J. Debry & Associates. Nathan focuses his practice on personal injury litigation.

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Kigan I. Martineau is the leading intake attorney for Robert J. DeBry. Since joining the firm, he has shown a dedication to helping families across Utah. He frequently visits with clients in their home to ensure that they receive the attention their case deserves. Kigan believes in helping others in the community and always gives individual attention to each client.

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Nathan Morris joined Robert J. DeBry and Associates in early 2015 as an associate attorney for the firm and has been a valuable, hardworking member for the firm since then. Nathan is a determined trial attorney specializing in the area of personal injury law, including motor vehicle collisions, transportation law, dog bite cases, homeowners’ claims and insurance litigation.

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Zachary Lambert joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates as an associate in 2015. He focuses his practice on helping individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic injury or lost a family member due to the negligence of others.

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Brook Millard has been practicing law for more than 20 years in a variety of fields. His specialty is asbestos litigation, but he also practices personal injury, wrongful death, products liability and medical malpractice law.

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Hal joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2016, bringing with him real-world language and legal experience that enhances his practice and helps his clients.

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Aaron R. Wilde is head of the Spanish department at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. Aaron learned to speak Spanish from serving a two-year mission for his church in Argentina. Aaron’s interest in personal injury law began at a young age.

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Safety Tips for Driving the Canyons in Autumn

Driving is a daily routine that seems easy and doesn’t require much thought. Odds are, you have been driving for quite a while and feel comfortable on the road in most circumstances. There are sometimes, however, when driving can be a bit more challenging than usual. During the Autumn months, Salt Lake City canyon driving might cause you a little …

Top Five Leading Causes of Car Accidents Resulting in Death in Utah

Driving is an everyday occurrence for most people in Utah. Whether you’re commuting to Salt Lake City or just driving to a friends house a couple miles away, you’re in the car. A car can seem more of a necessity than a luxury to a lot of people, making driving so common that you wouldn’t think twice about it. However, …

Top Causes of Car Accidents

No one wants to get a phone call informing them of a tragic car accident involving someone that they care about. However, it happens daily. In the United States, more than 37,000 people die in a car crash every year. Not only is there a high death toll, but 2.35 million people are injured in a car accident every year …

The Life of Wrongful Deaths in the US

Lawyers are presented with wrongful death cases every single day. Every day, someone dies innocently in a situation in which they should not have. Between medical malpractice, accidents, death row and others, the reasons for these deaths is endless. It is time to make an apparent effort to counteract these deaths. If they come from human error, they are to …

Workers’ Compensation Explained

Workplace injuries in the United States—from Salt Lake City to the East Coast—have become more common with the growth of industrial jobs in the early twentieth century. Since workers are often exposed to heavy and dangerous machinery, it comes as no surprise that they should be offered a policy that protects them in case of a personal injury. As the …

The Long Lasting Risks of a Concussion

Football season has begun and whether you are watching your kids play, college athletes or the NFL, you may flinch every time a player gets hit. Concussions don’t just happen to athletes. They can occur when you slip and fall inside your home, get in an auto accident or skiing down a mountain — not even an attorney is safe. …

Be Prepared in Case of a House Fire

A house fire isn’t something families really plan for. They come at the time when you are least expecting it. Be safe rather than sorry, and create an evacuation plan now in case a fire happens inside your home. You don’t want any of your family members to slip and fall, maintain a personal injury or worse a wrongful death. …

Travel Safety Guidelines

Traveling can be a wonderful experience, but also rather stressful. You get to experience new foods, places and cultures. If you are traveling out of the United States, it can be somewhat of a culture shock. Travel smart and safe to see everything you want to see and so you won’t get overly stressed. Transportation Transportation can be a nerve-wracking …

Car Safety for Your Children

Auto accidents are a leading cause of death for children under the age of 13. Don’t allow your children to become a part of the statistic. It is important to understand the best ways to keep your children safe when in the car or during an auto accident. If you or your kids are involved in a car accident in …

Staggering Personal Injury Statistics

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you, but the world is a dangerous place sometimes. Accidents happen daily all around us. If you live in Provo or anywhere else in Utah, it has been found that your chances of being involved in a fatal car crash is .000147 percent. That works out to be about one in 7,000. …

Motorcycle or Car: Which Is Better?

Any motorcyclist from Farmington, Utah would tell you that there is nothing better than riding down a winding canyon road in the spring, summer or fall. On the other hand, your lawyer would tell you that there isn’t anything more devastating than a motorcycle accident. The truth is, if you’re careful and follow all the safety rules, you can minimize …

The Dangers of Long Shifts as an Uber Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a good way to make some extra cash. There are no rules or restrictions to stop drivers from working long shifts. For some employees, that means a 20-hour shift to take advantage of the high rates that day. They’re only human and they didn’t want to miss out. There are many dangers in driving …

Things to Know About Pedestrian/Bicycle Accidents

You hear about an auto accident happening all the time, and you’ve probably seen a motorcycle accident or two in your years of driving from Ogden, Utah to the valley. One type of accident that not everyone is too familiar with when it comes to knowing about liability are bicycle accidents. While these accidents may not seem serious, they can …

Preparing for Autumn Road Dangers

There is no set season for accidents. From an auto accident to a personal injury case, these accidents are happening every day, year-round. Whether you’re in Provo or the East Coast, seasons prove to bring different dangers with them. With the blistering heat coming to an end soon, fall is just around the corner—with fall comes danger from rainstorms and …

Are New Drivers Really More Dangerous?

When the exciting day of a teenager’s sixteenth birthday arrives, he or she is ecstatic. However, everyone else in her family is probably walking around the house faking an excited, happy face—for them, this is a scary day. In society, there is a strong stigma against new, teen drivers. Yet, is this stigma backed by concrete evidence? No parent wants …

Delayed Symptoms After an Accident

With over 52,000 car accidents on public roadways in Utah, it is important to pay close attention to any injuries following an accident.

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