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At Robert J. DeBry, we’re focused not only on helping injured victims but also on preventing injuries before they happen. Our helmet safety program aims to make bike helmets accessible to local children and families at a low cost.

End Text Wrecks Campaign

The viral campaign to help End Text Wrecks! With over 2 million views on Youtube, End Text Wrecks was designed for people to pledge to put down the phone and stop texting while driving with a fun dance.


As lawyers, we’ve seen the tragic impact of drunk driving, and we’ve helped many families pick up the pieces after these accidents occur. We’re equally focused on finding a way to stop drunk driving before it occurs. We’re strong supporters of MADD, and for every drunk driving case we win or settle we donate $500 to MADD. Since 2010, our law firm has donated $44,500 to MADD.


We want to keep our community’s roads safe-especially during busy holiday weekends. Our Free Rides Home program reimburses adults who have been drinking or need a safe way home up to $35 for a cab ride home within the Salt Lake City metro area.


Find out about the various organizations and initiatives we support throughout the community.


Learn about the bills we support and oppose in the Utah State Legislature, and find out how these bills might impact the rights of injured Utahans.


Texting behind the wheel puts you and others on our roads in danger. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources to help the community learn about the risks of texting while driving.










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First, we promise that an experienced, caring attorney will handle your case. Our attorneys are trial-tested with over 200 years combined experience, specializing in serious injury and wrongful death cases. The insurance companies have some of the best attorneys and negotiators representing them, shouldn’t you?

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Robert J. Debry
Brad Debry
Steve Sullivan
George Waddoups
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Robert J. DeBry is the founder and sole proprietor of Robert J. DeBry & Associates. He has practiced law in Salt Lake City for more than 45 years. His efforts to provide high-quality legal service to our community are unmatched. His team of experienced attorneys and support staff of more than 50 employees operates from three full- service offices located in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and St. George, Utah.

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Steve Sullivan is the Managing Attorney for Robert J. DeBry and Associates. He has dedicated his career to being an advocate for the many individuals he has represented over the years. Steve has successfully resolved hundreds of cases over the 30 years working at the firm.

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George T. Waddoups, one of the firm’s Senior Attorneys, has practiced law since 1982. Born and raised in Brigham City, Utah, George has enjoyed practicing law in the state of Utah because of the deep sense of community he feels for Utahans.

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Brad DeBry has worked at Robert J. DeBry & Associates in various capacities for more than 22 years. Brad started out sweeping the floors and making copies at Robert DeBry & Associates while still a young man, and upon seeing how the work his father Robert performed on behalf of others made a difference in their lives, he knew that this was the path he wanted to take.

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Nancy A. Mismash joined Robert DeBry in November 1997 after working as in house counsel for a nutraceutical company where she was in charge of FDA compliance, patent and trademark procurement, and outside litigation.

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Geri C. Kelley, an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, has dedicated her life to helping others and has represented over 700 clients since working at the firm.

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A Utah native, Leonard “Len” McGee joined Robert J. Debry & Associates in 2006, first as the managing attorney in our St. George office, then as an associate in our Salt Lake office in 2008. Before joining our law firm, Len was insurance counsel for Allstate Insurance in Utah for six years.

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Riley T. Waddoups has been with Robert J. DeBry & Associates for over 19 years, holding various positions in the firm. He has been an attorney since 2008.

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A native of Bountiful, Utah, Kevin Swenson joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2010. He is licensed to practice law in Utah and Idaho.

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Peter was born at the hospital formerly known as St. Ben’s in Washington Terrace, Utah, and grew up in Clearfield, Utah. He graduated from Clearfield High School where he was a two-time varsity letterman in football and a three time varsity letterman in debate.

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Michelle K. Waddoups has been an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates since 2012. Michelle is incredibly dedicated to each case she takes on, and as a member of the Utah Supreme Court, U.S. and Utah District Court she can ensure that every client receives help repairing their lives.

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Bryce W. Kartchner began his career at Robert J. Debry in 2013. He has a passion for defending people who are defenseless and injured because of an accident, and devotes many hours going over clients’ cases to ensure they receive the best representation.

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Christopher R. Barrus has been an associate attorney for Robert J. DeBry & Associates since early 2013. During his time at the firm he has shown an unparalleled commitment to his clients.

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Kigan I. Martineau is the leading intake attorney for Robert J. DeBry. Since joining the firm, he has shown a dedication to helping families across Utah. He frequently visits with clients in their home to ensure that they receive the attention their case deserves. Kigan believes in helping others in the community and always gives individual attention to each client.

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Zachary Lambert joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates as an associate in 2015. He focuses his practice on helping individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic injury or lost a family member due to the negligence of others.

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Brook Millard has been practicing law for more than 20 years in a variety of fields. His specialty is asbestos litigation, but he also practices personal injury, wrongful death, products liability and medical malpractice law.

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Hal joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2016, bringing with him real-world language and legal experience that enhances his practice and helps his clients.

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Aaron R. Wilde is head of the Spanish department at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. Aaron learned to speak Spanish from serving a two-year mission for his church in Argentina. Aaron’s interest in personal injury law began at a young age.

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Victor Jackson is the intake attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates.
Victor’s interest in personal injury law comes from his drive to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

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rjd news

Accidents Involving Hitch Trailers

Car accidents in the U.S. reach the millions every year, from towns back east to our very own Salt Lake City. While many of these accidents are a result of reckless and distracted driving, many forget to acknowledge another fatal auto accident type:_hitch trailer accidents. These accidents happen when a vehicle towing a hitch trailer loses the extension or they …

What to Do After a Multi-Vehicle Crash

You are driving down the highway and you quickly reach a wall of traffic. You come to an abrupt stop and check your review mirror to find that the car behind you isn’t stopping fast enough. They hit you and you feel major impact, but it doesn’t stop there—you immediately feel another hit. It’s as you’re moving your vehicle to …

How to Avoid Car Accidents in the Winter

It is the time of year where everyone pulls out all the coats, snow boots and winter gear here in Farmington, Utah. While there are many fun things to do in the snow, the cold weather also brings many hazards. More than 116,000 Americans are injured in car accidents during the winter. There are ways to avoid a car accident …

The Best and Worst Ways to Remove Ice From Your Car

Winter time is quickly approaching and you regret using your garage as storage. Now your car has to sit out in the driveway collecting snow and ice during the night. While clearing ice from your car every morning is a hassle, doing it is vital to avoid an auto accident on the snow-packed roads of Provo, Utah. Just ask your …

Common Personal Injuries During the Winter

With the holidays around the corner, you have a long list of things to finish. Everyone is running around purchasing gifts, meeting up with family and trying to get everywhere they need to be. Don’t ruin your holidays rushing around and end up in a car accident or sustaining a personal injury. During the winter, personal injuries occur more often …

Motorcycle vs. Auto Accident Injuries

There’s no doubt about it, motorcycles are much more dangerous than cars. They’re smaller, harder to see and when you’re riding on one, you don’t have the protection that cars offer in an accident. As soon as you get onto a motorcycle, you’re assuming a risk that otherwise wouldn’t be there if it were an automobile, and it would be …

What Happens to When You Overdose on Laxatives?

Drug injury is a problem that is only growing in severity across the country. Many places such as Farmington, Utah are seeing an influx of drug related injuries. As a result of this, each lawyer in the country is now tasked with the struggle of handling cases of illness caused by misuse of common drugs. A popular game played by …

The Dangers Within Your Home

Our homes are a refuge of comfort and happiness, but they are also filled with possible hazards. We don’t think about them because we are so used to the things we see every day: the stairs, the dresser or the knife set. While suffering a personal injury from these things may not warrant a call to your lawyer in Ogden, …

The Advancement of Auto Safety

Millions of Americans die every year due to auto accident cases. From the streets of West Valley City, Utah to the highways of the East Coast, there is an accident occurring every minute of the day. Though vehicles have become a necessity in everyday life, they also prove to be a threat. Since the invention of the very first functioning …

Dealing With a Hit and Run Accident

The last thing you want on your drive to work in Farmington, Utah is to get into an auto accident. To make matters worse, imagine the driver didn’t even stop to exchange information. You’re left on the side of the road with a damaged vehicle and nearly no information to make a claim with insurance. You want to talk to …

The Importance of Car Seat Use

It doesn’t matter if you are in Provo, Utah, or the nation’s capital, car seats have been standardized into our society since it’s creation in 1962. They help keep our children safe in the case of a car accident, without much work on your part. The only thing the parent needs to do is strap their child in and make …

Do I Need a Lawyer as a Passenger?

You hear the crash and are jolted back into reality. Your eyes weren’t even on the road, since you were enjoying the luxury of being a passenger. When you’re in an auto accident, it can lead to confusing aftermath. The situation gets complicated when you are trying to figure out who is liable for what damage. If you are a …

The Dangers of Snow Forts

The first heavy snowfall of the year creates many mixed emotions. For a lot of people snow brings up negativity—there’s dangerous driving, traffic and shoveling. For the others, typically younger generations, it means time to play in the snow and build forts. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we’re here to tell you that however fun it is to build …

Winter Driving Tips

Due to icy roads, snow fall and fog, approximately 800 people die each year during the winter in car accidents. Utah can get some pretty serious snowfall. If you are traveling in Provo, Utah or anywhere else, be sure you drive safe and understand how to deal with winter road emergencies. General Driving Tips When you are navigating icy and …

The Outcomes of Distracted Driving

Many people are surprised that car accident cases are more common in parking lots in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even though it’s unlikely for you to get into an accident. It’s still a great idea to have your lawyer on speed dial. Distracted driving is not only checking your phone or putting on lipstick, it’s impaired driving. It’s no surprise …

Signs of a Concussion After a Car Accident

Getting into an auto accident is scary, even on the quiet streets of Provo, Utah. When cars collide, injuries often occur. Even if it doesn’t seem like you get hurt, there are some hidden injuries that can last for weeks and even months, like concussions. These injuries happen when you hit your head really hard. It’s important that you make …

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