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At Robert J. DeBry, we’re focused not only on helping injured victims but also on preventing injuries before they happen. Our helmet safety program aims to make bike helmets accessible to local children and families at a low cost.

End Text Wrecks Campaign

The viral campaign to help End Text Wrecks! With over 2 million views on Youtube, End Text Wrecks was designed for people to pledge to put down the phone and stop texting while driving with a fun dance.


As lawyers, we’ve seen the tragic impact of drunk driving, and we’ve helped many families pick up the pieces after these accidents occur. We’re equally focused on finding a way to stop drunk driving before it occurs. We’re strong supporters of MADD, and for every drunk driving case we win or settle we donate $500 to MADD. Since 2010, our law firm has donated $44,500 to MADD.


We want to keep our community’s roads safe-especially during busy holiday weekends. Our Free Rides Home program reimburses adults who have been drinking or need a safe way home up to $35 for a cab ride home within the Salt Lake City metro area.


Find out about the various organizations and initiatives we support throughout the community.


Learn about the bills we support and oppose in the Utah State Legislature, and find out how these bills might impact the rights of injured Utahans.


Texting behind the wheel puts you and others on our roads in danger. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources to help the community learn about the risks of texting while driving.


Robert J. Debry & Associates and End Text Wrecks teamed up to sponsor the 4th Annual KSL Cars Cup. At the 18th hole, we provided water to everyone and took photos of all of the groups that participated in the cup. Click the photo to see all photos of the event.

Finding the right lawyer for your car accident, truck accident, wrongful death, motorcycle accident, slip and fall or personal injury claim is important. If you’re looking for the best car accident lawyer near me the lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have a reputation for standing up to insurance companies and protecting the rights of personal injury victims throughout Utah. So when you’re hurt in a car, truck or motorcycle accident or any other personal injury that wasn’t your fault, you can count on the attorney’s at Robert J. DeBry.

With more than 200 years of combined experience practicing personal accident and injury injury law, our personal injury attorney’s know Utah law, and we know how to get victims like you the money they deserve. Our personal injury lawyers have recovered millions of dollars for our clients, and we can do the same for you. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years. Find out how the attorney’s at Robert J. DeBry can help with your injury claim, today.











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Robert J. DeBry is the founder and sole proprietor of Robert J. DeBry & Associates. He has practiced law in Salt Lake City for more than 45 years. His efforts to provide high-quality legal service to our community are unmatched. His team of experienced attorneys and support staff of more than 50 employees operates from three full- service offices located in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and St. George, Utah.

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Steve Sullivan is the Managing Attorney for Robert J. DeBry and Associates. He has dedicated his career to being an advocate for the many individuals he has represented over the years. Steve has successfully resolved hundreds of cases over the 30 years working at the firm.

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George T. Waddoups, one of the firm’s Senior Attorneys, has practiced law since 1982. Born and raised in Brigham City, Utah, George has enjoyed practicing law in the state of Utah because of the deep sense of community he feels for Utahans.

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Brad DeBry has worked at Robert J. DeBry & Associates in various capacities for more than 22 years. Brad started out sweeping the floors and making copies at Robert DeBry & Associates while still a young man, and upon seeing how the work his father Robert performed on behalf of others made a difference in their lives, he knew that this was the path he wanted to take.

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Nancy A. Mismash joined Robert DeBry in November 1997 after working as in house counsel for a nutraceutical company where she was in charge of FDA compliance, patent and trademark procurement, and outside litigation.

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Geri C. Kelley, an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, has dedicated her life to helping others and has represented over 700 clients since working at the firm.

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A Utah native, Leonard “Len” McGee joined Robert J. Debry & Associates in 2006, first as the managing attorney in our St. George office, then as an associate in our Salt Lake office in 2008. Before joining our law firm, Len was insurance counsel for Allstate Insurance in Utah for six years.

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Riley T. Waddoups has been with Robert J. DeBry & Associates for over 19 years, holding various positions in the firm. He has been an attorney since 2008.

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A native of Bountiful, Utah, Kevin Swenson joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2010. He is licensed to practice law in Utah and Idaho.

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Peter was born at the hospital formerly known as St. Ben’s in Washington Terrace, Utah, and grew up in Clearfield, Utah. He graduated from Clearfield High School where he was a two-time varsity letterman in football and a three time varsity letterman in debate.

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Michelle K. Waddoups has been an associate attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates since 2012. Michelle is incredibly dedicated to each case she takes on, and as a member of the Utah Supreme Court, U.S. and Utah District Court she can ensure that every client receives help repairing their lives.

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Bryce W. Kartchner began his career at Robert J. Debry in 2013. He has a passion for defending people who are defenseless and injured because of an accident, and devotes many hours going over clients’ cases to ensure they receive the best representation.

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Christopher R. Barrus has been an associate attorney for Robert J. DeBry & Associates since early 2013. During his time at the firm he has shown an unparalleled commitment to his clients.

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Kigan I. Martineau is the leading intake attorney for Robert J. DeBry. Since joining the firm, he has shown a dedication to helping families across Utah. He frequently visits with clients in their home to ensure that they receive the attention their case deserves. Kigan believes in helping others in the community and always gives individual attention to each client.

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Zachary Lambert joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates as an associate in 2015. He focuses his practice on helping individuals and families who have suffered catastrophic injury or lost a family member due to the negligence of others.

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Brook Millard has been practicing law for more than 20 years in a variety of fields. His specialty is asbestos litigation, but he also practices personal injury, wrongful death, products liability and medical malpractice law.

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Hal joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in 2016, bringing with him real-world language and legal experience that enhances his practice and helps his clients.

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Aaron R. Wilde is head of the Spanish department at Robert J. DeBry and Associates. Aaron learned to speak Spanish from serving a two-year mission for his church in Argentina. Aaron’s interest in personal injury law began at a young age.

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Victor Jackson is the intake attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates.
Victor’s interest in personal injury law comes from his drive to make a difference in the lives of those around him.

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Travis Alkire Joined Robert J. Debry and Associates in August of 2017. He is committed to assisting individuals and families who have been injured.

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Personal Injury Attorney Dan Benzion practices law with injury cases involving car and truck accidents, negligent injury and wrongful death.

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Jared R. Casper proudly joined Robert J. DeBry & Associates in October 2017. In his nearly 20 years as a licensed attorney, Jared’s law practice has involved the handling of personal injury cases during which time he has successfully resolved hundreds of cases through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and trial.

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Safety Tips for Driving in Rainy Weather

Most people don’t like driving in bad weather. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there are more than 950,000 auto accidents every year caused by wet roads alone. However, with good driving habits and some extra caution, rainy weather doesn’t have to keep you from going out. Here are some tips for staying safe and avoiding an auto accident …

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What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

A personal injury lawyer represents you when you are a victim of someone’s injuries or accused to have caused injuries to someone. If you want to win any personal injury claim, you need an excellent legal representation. With so many lawyers in the market promising to present your best interest in court, you may find it extremely difficult settling on …

Common Types of Malpractice Claims

When you go to see a doctor in St. George, Utah, you trust that they will be able to not only correctly figure out what is wrong with you or a loved one, but that they will know the best ways in which to actually help treat your ailment. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes a mistake made by your …

How to Properly Install Car Seats

Every year, 179,000 children are injured in an auto accident in the United States, from Salt Lake City to the East Coast. Car seats are an important addition to any family vehicle; these seats help to ensure your child’s safety, so installing them shouldn’t be taken lightly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infant passenger deaths are …

Seatbelt Safety

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 15,000 lives around the nation are saved annually thanks to seatbelts. With an auto accident occurring every minute, it’s plain to see why you should be using your seatbelts every time you get into your car, whether you’re making a quick grocery run or you’re leaving West Valley City, …

Staying Safe on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle enthusiasts will tell you that there is nothing quite like hitting the open road on two wheels. While cruising down the highways of Salt Lake City on your Harley may be rewarding and lets you feel free, it is also much more dangerous than cruising in a car. Motorcyclists are more exposed to outside elements, not to mention that …

How to File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

Getting injured at work while in Provo, Utah, is a common occurrence. Some don’t realize they can file for a workers’ compensation claim against their employer. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. It’s important to know that you do not need to prove that your employer acted carelessly in order to receive benefits. You do, …

Tips to Avoid a Slip and Fall When Working in Construction

Walking: if our bodies are able to, it’s one of the first things we learn in this life. Like a baby stumbles and falls, adults do too, mostly due to different circumstances. The main causes of slip and fall accidents in the workplace are due to uneven floor surfaces, unsuitable floor coverings and wet floors. There are ways to help …

Rules of the Road for Bicycles

You’ve most likely been riding a bike since you were taught as a child, with training wheels on and protected with a helmet and pads from head-to-toe. In life, you hear that things are as easy as “riding a bike” and you just have to get back on. But, in Salt Lake City, there are many personal injury accidents involving …

What to Do If You Get Hit by A Drunk Driver

If you’ve been involved in an auto accident in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the other driver was under the influence of alcohol, you have a great chance of getting compensation for any injuries that occurred because of the crash. Because of that, you are most likely able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the offender. Why a Lawyer …

Motorcycle Safety

Committing to Safety When Learning to Ride a Motorcycle

You may remember the first time you learned how to drive a car. It may have been at home in your dad’s car, or maybe you didn’t even touch a steering wheel until you took driver’s education in high school. Whatever the case may have been, you probably also remember feeling incredibly nervous getting behind the wheel for the first …

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Who is Liable in a Public Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall accidents can be tricky, especially when it happens in public. There’s confusion about whether you’re responsible for not being cautious, or if it’s the property owners fault for failure to maintain the property. When you find yourself slipping in your local superstore in West Valley City, Utah, make sure you contact an attorney From Robert J. DeBry …

A Future Without Auto Accidents: Is it Possible?

Every day, from Salt Lake City to the East Coast, an auto accident happens every minute. These accident range in severity, from a slight fender bender to more fatal, high-speed collisions. With automobile technology advancing at the pace in which it is, is it possible to achieve a future free of auto accidents? While this may reduce the need to …


Questions to Ask Your Potential Lawyer

Here at Robert J. DeBry, we recognize that attorneys can be a little intimidating sometimes and that’s why we want to help you feel more comfortable when speaking to a lawyer. One way to break the ice, while finding out everything you need to know about your case, is by asking your personal injury lawyer questions. Here are a few …

For Motorcyclists: How to Share the Road Safely with Other Vehicles

Most of the time you hear about motorcycles and safety, it’s about how automobile drivers can keep our motorcyclists safe, and that’s for good reason. Many drivers don’t know how to drive properly when they’re driving near or around motorcyclists and it leads to thousands of deaths every year. Far too many attorney teams get calls every year because a …

What Is a Paralegal?

Paralegals maintain and organize files, draft documents and conduct research. All of these tasks are done under the supervision of a lawyer, who is ultimately responsible for the paralegal’s work. One important distinction between paralegals and lawyers is that paralegals cannot give others advice. Whether they give a client advice or a neighbor, and regardless of whether it was good …

If you or a family member has been injured or even killed in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, or if you need to claim a wrongful death, slip and fall or any other personal injury it’s in your best interest to hire an attorney.

On average, people with a lawyer get three and half times more money than those who don’t hire a lawyer.

With so many options, how do you know which law firm to hire? Well, you should hire the law firm with the best client reviews on authoritative sites like:

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