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Utah’s Original Car Accident Attorney.

After you’ve been in an car accident and need a lawyer, it can be hard to catch your breath. Take a minute and call Robert J. DeBry & Associates — we want to help you with your injury claim.

What is a Car Accident Lawyer?

A car accident lawyer specializes in tort law, an area of law that covers most civil suits. These legal professionals help individuals involved in an auto accident through the most stressful times and help accident victims build a solid claim. In these claims, a car accident lawyer will seek out the appropriate compensation for any damages, injuries, lost wages, and hospital bills accrued during and after the accident.


Utah roads are synonymous with endless adventures. Sadly, motor vehicle accidents can quickly put the kibosh on any sense of wanderlust. Regardless of the size of the impact, it can be jarring for both you and your passengers. And any accident lawyer knows that the aftereffects can be even worse. Our car accident attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you deserve so you can put some of the trauma behind you and move forward with life.

Here at Robert J. Derby & Associates, our car accident lawyers understand the pain and stress that accompanies a vehicle accident and personal injury cases. An accident attorney in Salt Lake City from our firm will put genuine heart and energy into any cases they take on, which is why we stand out from other law firms.

After all, we believe that the best car accident lawyer is the one that will make you feel taken care of and will give you peace of mind. They will not be the kind of accident lawyer that adds to the stress you are already facing.

We highly recommend you call our car accident claim team at 801-699-9999 or fill out our online consultation form for more information on how to make a personal injury claim and get compensation for your injuries.

Car Accident Lawyer


If you’ve been in an accident, accident attorney Utah statistics will tell that you are certainly not alone. Understanding the car accident breakdown can help you feel confident in your case when deciding on hiring an accident lawyer:

These are tragic statistics, but they show that motor vehicle accidents are very real and that the damage they cause is worth the indemnification for you and your family. By hiring an accident lawyer, you can have someone on your side to help defend your rights. We are confident that at Robert J. Debry & Associates, you can find the best car accident lawyer to represent you.

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Our Law Office Can Help

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, our lawyers can help you through every step of the legal process:

Step 1: Investigate Motor Vehicle Accident

With years of experience as lawyers specializing in auto accidents, wrongful death, slip and falls, property damage and personal injury law, we know what evidence and which strategies will make your case strong. We will analyze the scene, take photos, and collect relevant information.

Step 2: Negotiate With Insurance Companies

An insurance adjuster may offer you a “lowball” settlement. But we’ve seen enough incidents as accident attorneys to know that this is not near enough to cover everything. Our car accident lawyers have a reputation for standing up to insurance companies. We’ll to toe-to-toe with them to get you a fair compensation.

Step 3: Complete Legal Paperwork

Best of all, our lawyers will help you handle the paperwork so that you and your loved ones can focus on recovering.

Our attorneys have spent an entire career studying the law, including terminology and potential pitfalls. This means that by hiring our personal injury law firm you will have better representation in court and a much higher chance of receiving timely and fair compensation.

Accident Attorney Utah Laws

Utah has a few of car insurance laws that are unique to the state. If you’ve already spent hours scouring the internet for things like “car accident attorney Utah” or “car accident lawyer Utah”, then it’s likely you are aware of some of these local regulations. Car wreck lawyers can help you identify these laws and work within their bounds to obtain your rightful compensation. This is especially true of our car accident attorneys who have more than 200 years of combined experience protecting the rights of victims throughout the state. 

The best car wreck attorney is savvy to these local statutes and legal time limits. It can be hard to keep track of these and other details when trying to build a case on your own, but accident lawyers literally make it their job to know. Hiring a car wreck attorney can save you lots of time and sleepless nights. 

Car Accident Utah Cost Benefit

If you’re still not certain if your case needs an a law office, do a cost-benefit analysis. This is where you measure the cost of hiring a lawyer against the possible benefit. 

For example, maybe the other party’s insurance company is willing offer you $5,000, but your hospital bills and physical therapy add up to twice that. Having a free consultation with a lawyer can help you know if the cost of hiring an attorney on top of your other expenses would be worth it. You may be surprised to find that hiring an auto wreck lawyer is usually less expensive than you think. In many cases, the benefit of an accident lawyer has also turned out more than what most people expected.

It’s also important to realize that the law is complicated. If you are involved in a complex case, it’s probably best to hire a attorney to help you to detangle it and to represent your side. Even in injury cases, attorneys will have a good handle on the best course to take achieve success. This way, you can have more space to recover while your accident attorney works out the trickier details.

If you are considering hiring an attorney, know that our lawyers know how to take care of their clients. We are known for employing lawyers that put up a caring and aggressive representation. Our car wreck attorneys will stand up to the big guys and get your claim the personal attention it deserves. 

Contact us today to connect with the best lawyer for your case so that you can obtain the compensation you need to begin getting your life back.

No-Fault Car Accident Laws

The state of Utah is known for its no-fault car insurance laws. What does this mean? Regardless of who causes the accident, everyone who is injured needs to file claims for compensation with their insurance companies, also known as personal injury protection (PIP). These same laws also limit how much PIP accident victims get from insurance companies to $3,000. To get the compensation you deserve from your accident and injury you need an auto accident lawyer.

If you were injured in a car accident caused by another driver, you shouldn‘t have to pay for their negligence. At Robert J. DeBry our car wreck attorneys will walk you through every step of the legal process to help ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation for your claim.

Should I Accept the Insurance Settlement Offer?

The short answer is no. These companies answer to the shareholders, not the injury victims. The adjusters that handle these claims use several tactics to reduce the value of claims and protect profits. The lowball settlement you are offered may be tens of thousands of dollars less than what you deserve. Our auto accident attorneys are experienced in working with insurance companies, our car accident attorneys want you to be compensated for the accident and injury you have suffered.

Damages You Could Recover By Using a Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident is never fun. While getting your car repaired may be one of the only things on your mind, there are many other claims you can file in order to gain the compensation you deserve. Don’t miss out by trying to handle the case on your own.
You could be missing out on claims such as lost wages or ruined future employment opportunities. There are many types of compensation you may want to consider seeking depending on the severity of your accident. Talk to a lawyer to see how they can help you.

  • Lost Wages: If you have been in a major car accident you may have lost the ability to earn money. Due to the amount of time you have to put into physical therapy, days spent in the hospital and the loss of ability to move, you may not be able to spend as much time at work. Talk to your lawyer about your loss of wages. Factors they will have to consider are your occupation, age, experience, life expectancy and skills.
  • Medical Expenses: Medical expenses are considered more than loss of wages when in an accident. You may receive minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, or major injuries like broken bones, permanent disability or paralysis. Any treatments needed for your medical conditions can be covered.
  • Pain And Suffering: Pain and suffering isn’t something most people know they can receive compensation for. This includes all other discomforts you may experience from an accident. If you aren’t able to participate in daily activities you used to enjoy, you can receive coverage for it. It can be difficult to put a dollar amount on what you have lost. If you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will help you understand how much you can receive and even help with product liability law. Being in an accident is never fun. Your car may be the first thing you worry about, but not the only thing. If you have suffered in any other way, contact a personal injury lawyer to help you.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident

If you do find yourself in a car accident and panic in the midst of the chaos, stay calm and remember what you shouldn’t do, and remember, always contact a car accident lawyer and file a claim with your personal injury attorney.

  • Don’t Leave The Scene: No matter if you’re in a hurry, on your way to work or just don’t want to deal with the car accident, it is illegal to flee the scene until the proper authorities arrive. By leaving the scene, you automatically get yourself a misdemeanor plus fines — and even potential jail time.
  • Don’t Admit Fault: Regardless if it was your fault or not, don’t apologize to the people in the other vehicle. Saying “I’m sorry,” can amount to admitting fault after an accident. Law enforcement is there to make sense of the accident. Let them do all the work. If passengers are hurt and you admit an apology, you could be ruled at fault and possibly will need a lawyer if the other vehicle presses charges.
  • Don’t Forget To Follow Up: You may want to forget about the traumatic experience as soon as you can walk away, but unfortunately you may need to deal with medical issues, insurance claims and other complications of the auto accident. If you have persistent pain, you should see a doctor and touch base with a lawyer if you think the medical bills will be hefty. If the other driver is lawyering up, you should too. Within a few hours of the accident, you should contact a car accident attorney and your insurance company. Many insurance companies have limited windows of when you can do so. The earliest is always better.

Why Use a Car Wreck Lawyer

If you have been in an accident you’ll be wondering if using a lawyer is necessary to get the compensation you may be entitled to. Here are a few ways decide if hiring representation is the best option for you.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis: A cost-benefit analysis is where you measure the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer versus the possible benefit of having one. An example of this is if you are involved in a car accident. The other parties insurance company is willing to offer you $5,000, but your hospital bills and physical therapy are going to cost over $10,000. Speaking with a personal injury lawyer will help you know if the expense of hiring an attorney would be of benefit. In many cases you’ll find that hiring a personal injury lawyer is less expensive than you think and the benefit much greater than you would expect.
  • The Law Is Complicated: Legal practitioners spend their whole careers studying the law. Probably you, like most other non-lawyers, spend almost no time studying the law. If you are involved in a complicated dispute such as a divorce, a difficult loss of a loved one or at risk of losing your license for a car or other accident, you should hire representation. They will know the best course to take to offer you the best chance of success. There are many other reasons to consider hiring a lawyer. If you are in Utah and in need of representation, there are many great options that will get you the results you deserve. Don’t miss the opportunity for you to get the compensation you’re due. You don’t have to fight alone when you’ve suffered a loss.

Do you have more questions? Visit our Car Accident FAQ page.

Caring and Aggressive Representation

We know how to take care of our clients. We’ll stand up to the big guys to get your claim the personal attention it deserves. Get Robert J. DeBry our best personal injury lawyers on your side for your car crash lawsuit and see how we can help.