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Tips for Making Your Community More Pedestrian-Friendly

A pedestrian-friendly environment is something all communities should strive for. They help residents understand and identify the causes of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians in their areas, at Robert. J DeBry Associates, our car accident attorneys, understand the problem is the key to road traffic accidents is prevention.

Pedestrian friendliness makes the community a safer place to live. Residents can always do their part to make this happen. Through guidelines, people of all ages can maintain safety and enjoy the benefits of walking in their neighborhoods.

Safety Tips For Pedestrians And Drivers

Our car accident attorneys know that everyone’s a driver or pedestrian at some point in the day, whether you’re crossing the street to get to a shop, taking a walk around the neighborhood to get some fresh air, or driving to a place across town. Teaching and enforcing pedestrian safety tips minimize the chances of accidents within the community.

  • Pedestrians should use sidewalks whenever available
  • Pedestrians should cross at crosswalks and intersections, where drivers expect them to be
  • They should walk in well-lit areas where drivers can see them
  • They should keep an eye out for vehicles in driveways and parking lots

Safety Tips For Drivers

  • Drivers should remain alert at all times to maintain pedestrian safety. In hard-to-see conditions, such as bad weather or at nighttime, they should be extra-cautious
  • They should pay attention to other vehicles. If a car’s stopped at a crosswalk or intersection, they’re likely yielding to crossing pedestrians.
  • Teach and enforce a no-tolerance policy for DUIs
  • Enforce speed limits in areas such as school zones, neighborhoods with children, and those with moderate to high pedestrian traffic

Keep Your Community Safe

By following the guidelines in this article, you can keep your community safe and minimize road traffic accidents with civilians. Building secure, healthy residents is more accessible than most would imagine. If you’re looking for legal representation, our car accident attorneys can offer their skills and expertise to help you.


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