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April 26, 2016
It’s the bane of every motorist’s existence: you’re driving along the freeway on the way home to Farmington, Utah when suddenly you hear a loud bang — looks like you’ve got a flat tire. Flat tires can be a pain, but they happen to the best of us from time to time. Most flat tires...
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There are few things more intimidating in life than being stuck next to a huge semi-truck; some of you may have experienced being pushed out of your lane by a tractor-trailer — or even worse. During the busy summer driving months, it’s more likely than ever that you’ll find yourself driving next to one of...
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If you ever decide to start running your own hotel, the law will impose different duties and liabilities on you regarding how to run your business. According to USLegal, Inc., a website outlining different legal aspects, “the duties and obligations of both innkeepers and their guests are legal rather than contractual.” When you check into...
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