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Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Liability

If you ever decide to start running your own hotel, the law will impose different duties and liabilities on you regarding how to run your business. According to USLegal, Inc., a website outlining different legal aspects, “the duties and obligations of both innkeepers and their guests are legal rather than contractual.” When you check into a hotel, there is an unspoken contract between the owner and guest; one of these is that the hotel owner has a duty to protect the guest from undue injury.

Understanding these liabilities will help you when staying in a hotel in Provo, Utah or around the country — and if you happen to find yourself in a slip and fall accident situation, you will be better prepared for the corresponding visit with your lawyer.

Under What Circumstances Can a Hotel Be Held Liable?

According to USLegal, “the proprietor’s duty of reasonable care for the safety of its guests and to protect them from harm due to reasonably foreseeable risks of injury is a continual legal duty, the breach of which gives rise to a cause of action for negligence.” When you arrive at a hotel in Provo, it’s already implied that the hotel is a safe environment. The quality of a hotel and what services it offers are among the determining factors for negligence — this information can better prepare your lawyer during a slip and fall injury case.

The hotel isn’t the insurer of the guests’ safety, and is only held liable if there is a defect or hidden danger that you and the hotel are unable to foresee. If you slip and fall in your hotel bathroom shower due to lack of proper tub safety items, you could hire a lawyer and sue the hotel for damages. The hotel has the responsibility to keep you safe, and if proper precautionary measures were not taken, then the hotel could be held liable. Of course this claim would only be successful if there was sufficient evidence of a defect or a previously unknown peril.

A hotel in Provo may be unable to keep the entire hotel property safe from danger, however the owner has a duty to keep areas where guests frequently travel safe and secure. If there is anything dangerous in the hotel, the owner has a duty to promptly inform guests of such dangers. The hotel should be subject to periodic inspection in order to make sure the hotel is safe for guests.

Understanding these basic principles and liabilities of hotels can help you immensely in the event of a slip and fall injury. A hotel is generally held liable for any injury or loss of property that a guest suffers while on hotel property. To prove that your Provo-area hotel was negligent and could reasonably have prevented your slip and fall accident, your lawyer would have to compile the proper evidence to prove that the hotel was at fault.

The next time you visit a hotel in Provo, make sure you are being safe and avoid a potential slip and fall accident. Do not freely wander into prohibited areas, and call your lawyer if you suspect the hotel could be held liable for any injury you have incurred.

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