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Common Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

There are few things more intimidating in life than being stuck next to a huge semi-truck; some of you may have experienced being pushed out of your lane by a tractor-trailer — or even worse. During the busy summer driving months, it’s more likely than ever that you’ll find yourself driving next to one of these loaded semis on the highway down to St. George, Utah.

Being involved in an accident with one of these beasts might require you to call an auto accident lawyer in order to get the money in damages you need. However, collisions with a semi-truck should be avoided at all costs.

Truck Accidents Caused by Car Drivers

Drivers of passenger cars are oftentimes the ones to blame in traffic accidents involving trucks. This is because car drivers are typically unable to anticipate what actions a semi-truck driver may take at any point in time. A truck driver has visual limitations compared to your average motorist, and braking time is longer. A semi-truck accident that was the fault of the driver could potentially result in a call to a semi-truck accident lawyer.

There are areas called “No-Zones” around trucks, in which the driver has zero visibility. Being in one of these areas near a truck could result in having to call an auto accident lawyer — or worse, death. Another reason that a motorist may cause an auto accident is due to reckless driving. Cutting in front of a truck is a very bad idea — a truck typically carries heavy equipment, and won’t be able to stop as quickly as your vehicle. This could cause an auto accident not only for you, but the semi-truck driver on his way to St. George or elsewhere.

Passing semi-trucks can also be dangerous if you are trying to get around the truck too quickly. If a truck is in the process of moving into your lane on your way to St. George, don’t try to speed up and get around it. Driving in between trucks can also be dangerous. You have two enormous trucks with heavy loads driving on either side of you; if one were to change lanes and a trucker failed to see you because you were in the “no zone,” not even your lawyer may be able to save you.

Truck Accidents Caused By Truck Drivers

Yes, even big trucks can be bad drivers. If a truck causes an auto accident, either the driver or the company who owns the truck could be held liable for the accident. Truck drivers who aren’t properly trained have been known to cause a number of accidents. Driving a semi is definitely not the same as driving the average car, so learning the techniques of driving a semi is crucial.

Just like driving a regular car, taking time to rest before driving is important. Many semi-truck accidents have resulted due to lack of sleep. For many trucking companies, offering compensation for going faster and driving longer distances sounds appealing to the trucker, so many truckers will drive through the night. If a truck driver isn’t properly rested, this could result in a case for a lawyer in St. George.

Truckers have to make schedules, and deliver freight on time, and trucking companies are always pushing their employees to make faster time. Just like driving your own car, taking your time and not speeding is the smarter option. Driving from St. George to the other side of the country is a long drive, and calls for some major Z’s.

Being involved in an auto accident with a company-owned truck can really be a pain, but having an auto accident lawyer on your side in St. George will help you get the compensation you need to cover your vehicle damage.

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