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food recall
There have been a number of food recalls lately across the United States. If you have recently purchased food that has been recalled, what do you do next? The first step is to remain calm. Most likely the recall is for something relatively minor, and the chances of getting sick are very low. If you...
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According to a recent United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audit, the food recall system in the U.S. is woefully ineffective. The audit even goes on to mention that it took five months after salmonella was discovered in commercial peanut better for a recall to be issued for the product. A mistake like this...
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You see it all the time in the news, “E coli. found in local food—state-wide warning issued.” But  how does the food at the grocery store become infected with such contaminants and why should it matter to you? These food-borne illnesses can be caused by exposure to chemicals, animals and a variety of other contaminants....
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