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What to Do If You’ve Purchased Recalled Food

There have been a number of food recalls lately across the United States. If you have recently purchased food that has been recalled, what do you do next? The first step is to remain calm. Most likely the recall is for something relatively minor, and the chances of getting sick are very low. If you do get sick or injured due to recalled food, contact a local lawyer in Farmington, Utah for assistance today.

Make Sure Your Food Has Actually Been Recalled

Once you hear that a product you bought at your local Farmington supermarket has been recalled, make sure the recalled product exactly matches your recent purchase. Many times recalls are issued for a specific food item that was distributed during a specific period of time. If the date or the size of package differs from the information listed on the recall, you can continue to eat your food product without worries.

How to Return Your Food Item

Take your receipt to the same store in Farmington from which you purchased the item and they will gladly return or replace it. Once the product has been returned to store, the store will either return the item to the manufacture or destroy it.

What to Do If You Get Sick

If you do get sick after eating a recalled product, go to the doctor and make sure that you are in good health. Many times either the store or the manufacture will try to make the situation right, and will offer to pay for any health expenses. If the store or manufacturer does not offer compensation or if you need help, we at Robert J. DeBry & Associates have a lawyer on call that will ensure you are rightfully compensated — especially if the recall ends in a wrongful death. Don’t worry, wrongful death from recalled food does not happen very often.

Food being recalled is something that happens on occasion — and it’s important to be prepared. Most likely you will never hear of a wrongful death from a food recall. In case anything does happen, we have a lawyer on hand that is ready to help make sure the manufacturer gives you everything you deserve.

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