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June 28, 2016
To avoid an unnecessary motorcycle accident, it’s best to avoid riding in extreme weather. However, if you live in a place like Salt Lake City where it seems like the weather is drastically different every 10 minutes, then you may find yourself caught in a storm or piled in snow. At Robert J. DeBry &...
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There have been a number of food recalls lately across the United States. If you have recently purchased food that has been recalled, what do you do next? The first step is to remain calm. Most likely the recall is for something relatively minor, and the chances of getting sick are very low. If you...
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Anyone who has been in an auto accident knows that they can be traumatic and scary. Yet, there are some drivers who actually want to get into car accidents. Why is this? Recently, the idea of ‘staged car accidents’ has become popular throughout the nation, including Salt Lake City. Staged accidents are a well-planned way...
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