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Accident Lawyer in Utah
Biking accidents have become rampant in busy urban areas, including Salt Lake City, Utah. Sometimes cyclists can intentionally or unknowingly break Salt Lake City’s bicycle laws. This includes: riding in bike-only-designated sidewalks and riding on the right side of the roads. However, some accidents may arise due to the negligence of vehicle drivers, causing fatal...
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At Robert J DeBry & Associates, we know how dangerous Utah roads can be for cyclists. We are committed to helping our cycling community avoid accidents wherever possible. We’ve mapped out potential dangers, the recommended protective steps, and how to find an accident lawyer in Utah when needed. The Dangers In recent years the number...
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Cycling is becoming a prevalent clean means of transportation, especially in Utah. However, as the number of bikers on the road increase, the number of road accidents also increases. Such accidents can leave bikers with severe injuries, and in extreme cases, the loss of life. Robert J. DeBry & Associates has dealt firsthand with various...
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Riding a bicycle is a relaxing and healthy outdoor activity. However, it is not without risks. Accidents involving a bicycle collision with another vehicle are not uncommon. Roadways and bike paths in poor repair cause bicycle accidents as well. Unfortunately, serious bicycle mishaps often result in an injury, damaged equipment, and lost wages. Financial compensation...
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