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The Bike Accident Settlement Procedure in Utah

Riding a bicycle is a relaxing and healthy outdoor activity. However, it is not without risks. Accidents involving a bicycle collision with another vehicle are not uncommon. Roadways and bike paths in poor repair cause bicycle accidents as well. Unfortunately, serious bicycle mishaps often result in an injury, damaged equipment, and lost wages. Financial compensation for these damages is essential for many. But, you may wonder what the average bike accident settlement is in Utah. An accident lawyer in Utah is vital for obtaining accurate information and claim assistance.

Hiring an attorney increases the value of your case than if you try to settle on your own. At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we understand the needs of bicyclists and the procedures to file a bike accident settlement. Below are the steps used to file a bike accident settlement.

Filing a Claim Procedures

First, an accident lawyer in Utah follows the following procedure to file a bike settlement claim.

Investigate the Accident

The law professionals at Robert J. Debry and Associates investigated the accident using police reports, photographs and talked to witnesses.

Build the Claim

After the treatment for injuries is completed, we compile a thorough medical compensation report. This process is time-consuming, but accuracy is essential.

Settlement Negotiation

After medical treatment and an itemization of equipment damages, an accident lawyer in Utah submits a demand package to the party at fault’s insurance. Negotiation for a fair settlement follows.


If a reasonable settlement agreement is not reached, litigation is the final and often longest step. Settling a lawsuit may take one or more years.

Settlement Amount

Settlement totals for bike accidents in Utah range from a few thousand dollars to more than one million. In Utah, an accident lawyer evaluates each case to ensure a proper settlement is reached to compensate for injuries, equipment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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