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July 27, 2017
In this day and age, many people rely on pill medications in order to make it through each and every day, doctors will often prescribe pills even if they aren’t proven to help with a specific medical condition, and drug manufacturers can easily accidentally make a harmful substance that is sent out to the market....
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About 38.4 percent of American households currently have guns. When it comes to gun laws, there is a divide in public preferences. According to a survey, people are almost evenly split on whether gun control or gun rights are more important. Gun laws are currently a hot topic in the media. Because there have been...
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It’s no secret that Marijuana affects the brain and your body’s ability to react. A study done by the Highway Loss Data Institute was conducted in states that legalized marijuana including Colorado, Washington and Oregon. The study found that collision claims rose 2.7 percent throughout those three states. The data was compared to its own...
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