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Will the Changes in Firearm Legislation Help You Stay Safe?

About 38.4 percent of American households currently have guns. When it comes to gun laws, there is a divide in public preferences. According to a survey, people are almost evenly split on whether gun control or gun rights are more important.

Gun laws are currently a hot topic in the media. Because there have been so many wrongful death incidents recently as a result of gun shootings, some states are wary about changing the leniency about gun policies. As the laws change, Salt Lake City has yet to follow more relaxed gun laws. However, will the chances you’ll need to call a lawyer increase anytime in the near future?

What They Are

Starting on July 1st, concealed guns are now allowed on college campuses in two states — Georgia and Kansas. In Tennessee, a greater number of public buildings and bus stations now also allow them as well as the Iowa state Capitol. This shows that gun rights have been steadily expanding in the Republican-controlled states.

For decades, the National Rifle Association succeeded in creating state laws that allow people to carry concealed guns with a permit. Because of this success, people advocating for gun rights are now pushing to see where these guns can be permitted.

Good or Bad for Civilian Safety?

The arguments for and against gun laws are still as relevant as ever with adequate support on each side. Some gun right advocates are happy about the changes because they believe that having individual access to handguns will help to control gun violence and homicides in the United States. In contrast, gun control advocates are fearful. Those against the new law worry that the number of wrongful deaths and personal injury incidents from gun-related violence will continue to climb because of the already absurd numbers of guns that exist in America.

Luckily, there are lawyers and attorneys that can help in the case of a shooting, but that doesn’t help the argument for and against gun laws.

Facts and Stats

Based on an article about gun control versus gun rights, gun ownership does not correlate with high crime and increased wrongful death incidents. In fact, the article addresses that states that have stricter gun laws have higher crime rates than those states with more lenient gun laws and more likely to need to call a lawyer. It is thought that the violence is less correlated to gun violence and has more to do with poverty and decreasing urban frameworks.


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