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Riding Safely Through Inclement Weather

To avoid an unnecessary motorcycle accident, it’s best to avoid riding in extreme weather. However, if you live in a place like Salt Lake City where it seems like the weather is drastically different every 10 minutes, then you may find yourself caught in a storm or piled in snow. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we hope you stay safe out on the roads, but we understand the road isn’t always that friendly. If you do get into an accident, let us — your local lawyer team — get you the help you need.

Riding In The Rain Can Be Dangerous

If you’ve got the appropriate gear, riding in the rain isn’t a problem so long as the conditions are still fairly mild. If the rain is pouring and the wind is strong, it’s best not to go out for a ride. If you are caught in a windy and rainy storm, it’s best to stop and wait it out rather than risk getting into a motorcycle accident.

Any lawyer or experienced outdoorsman will tell you that if you don’t have the proper rain gear, the rain can seep into your clothing and make you very cold. Riding in the cold weather of Salt Lake City can be dangerous. Cold, rigid hands can lead to steering mistakes that can get you into a motorcycle accident. Riding in the rain without a full-faced helmet can also be a problem — 30 mph rain doesn’t just hurt your face while you’re riding, it can also be a major distraction on the road.

Tips for Riding in Slippery Conditions

Riding in the rain requires a higher degree of attention, even in Salt Lake City. There are more slippery hazards that need to be avoided. Painted lines on the road become more slippery, as do metal plates and manhole coverings. Also, avoid the temptation to ride through puddles. It may seem like a good idea at first, but if there is a large hole invisible underneath the puddle, then the good idea becomes a bad one — fast.

Even when you’re doing everything you can, accidents happen — which is why you need a good lawyer by your side to help you through those hard times.

If Possible, Avoid Riding in the Snow

In places like Salt Lake City, bikers need to make sure they have the appropriate gear for riding in the snow. A fog-free shield on a full-face helmet is a must. Without a fog-free shield, visors will fog up and seeing will become next to impossible. It will no longer be a matter of if you get into a motorcycle accident, but when.

Wearing enough layers to stay warm is also important. Just like keeping dry in the rain, keeping warm in the snow will allow you to avoid those small mistakes you make when you’re cold. Slipping and sliding on your motorcycle is twice as likely in the snow as it is in the rain. Take it slow — and be ready for anything.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lawyer or a businessman; we suggest you don’t ride in the snow unless it’s absolutely necessary. In the winters of Salt Lake City, there are so many risks of getting into a motorcycle accident. As your lawyer, we want to help you if something goes wrong — but we’d rather that you avoid an accident in the first place.

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