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April 21, 2016
Did you know texting and driving is six times more likely to cause an auto accident than drunk driving? You wouldn’t drive drunk — so why would you text and drive? In Robert J. DeBry’s latest Word on the Street installment, Robert J. DeBry correspondent Elora Murray asks event organizers from the University of Utah in Salt...
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The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident is through ongoing self-education. We’ve all seen the horror stories of motorcycle crashes gone wrong; however, what most riders don’t know is that not every motorcycle accident is the same. Whether it occurs in small-town Farmington, Utah or on a highway along the West Coast, an accident...
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When a family walks in to a law office with a family member who has suffered a drug injury, a number of different scenarios are presumably playing through the lawyer’s head. For the family, however, they’re looking to their lawyer in St. George, Utah that will help them and will understand why they need to...
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