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Motorcycle Accidents Every Rider Should Watch Out for

The best way to avoid a motorcycle accident is through ongoing self-education. We’ve all seen the horror stories of motorcycle crashes gone wrong; however, what most riders don’t know is that not every motorcycle accident is the same. Whether it occurs in small-town Farmington, Utah or on a highway along the West Coast, an accident can happen to any rider, anywhere. Here are some of the most common types of accidents that almost every motorcycle accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry has been involved with.

The Dangers of Left-Hand Turns

One of the most common types of motorcycle accidents happens when a vehicle makes a left-hand turn in front of a motorcyclist. In most cases, the vehicle simply doesn’t see the motorcyclist or adjusts his or her speed incorrectly, resulting in a head-on crash. The lack of perception on the motorist’s end can result from distracted driving, blind spots, inattention and a variety of other reasons. Whatever the case, if the driver was at fault, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help discuss your options post-crash.

Hitting Gravel in a Blind Corner

Another common type of accident that motorcyclists encounter happens when a rider hits gravel or other loose debris in a blind corner. This type of crash is particularly common during long distance road trips and can happen anywhere — from Farmington to the West Coast. While traveling for long distances and/or periods of time, riders can easily slip into a monotonous routine — and become less aware of their surroundings.

Distracted Driver Switching Lanes

Imagine this — you’re riding smoothly through traffic, when suddenly a car switches lanes in front of you. Perhaps the driver of the car didn’t see you in his or her blind spot, or perhaps the driver was distracted. Whatever the case, a collision ensues. This type of accident can happen anywhere motorcyclists and automobiles share the road, from Farmington to the East Coast. If you’ve been the victim of this type of accident, a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you discuss the best options for you.

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