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Halloween Safety

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Uninsured Drivers

Here’s what you need to know when involved in an accident with uninsured drivers.    

halloween pumpkin

Preparing for Halloween Early

It’s never too early to prepare for certain things, especially when it comes to keeping your kids safe. Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate, especially for your kids. They enjoy dressing up in costumes, seeing their friends’ costumes and trick-or-treating. Ensure your child is safe and doesn’t suffer from any personal injury while enjoying the festivities of Halloween. Fun …

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Gas Leaks Inside the Home

A gas leak inside your home is the sneakiest danger. As a homeowner, you should know how to identify a leak in order to keep your family safe. There’s more to identifying the leak than just smelling gas, contrary to popular beliefs. It’s vital to know how to determine if gas is leaking into your home. If you or your …

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Driving Safely on Standing Water

It’s almost impossible to predict the weather accurately. In Salt Lake City, we’ve seen 90 degree temperatures turn very quickly into a flooded State Street. Unfortunately, many drivers aren’t comfortable with these quick changes, which results in many auto accident cases. It only takes a simple six inches of water to cause your car to stall. If you happen to …

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How to Drive Safely in the Rain

It’s the beginning of fall, which calls for hot chocolate, pumpkin spice cookies and warm clothing layers. It also brings colder weather, like rainstorms that are scattered from Farmington, Utah to Happy Valley. Driving in any severe weather can increase your risk of getting into a dangerous situation. The best thing you can do is learn how to drive safely …

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The Leading Causes of Workplace Accidents

Injury doesn’t always happen in the most obviously dangerous places. While you may go into work not even thinking about the risks that you run while on the clock, they are still there. Workplace injuries are more common than you might think. Over 500,000 Americans suffer from a personal injury while at work — that’s half a million workplace related …

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Tips When Hiking

Autumn is a popular time to hike, especially up Provo Canyon in Utah. The air is clear and the colors are vivid. While hiking in the fall can be fun, it is important that you are safe, too. When you grab your boots and hit the trail, remember these tips to enjoy a worry-free hike. Smart Hike When you are …

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Workers Compensation

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