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July 9, 2015
Personal injury cases as a result of wrongful death or anything else provide a means of compensation for the victim. Whether here in Utah or elsewhere, it can seem like another great injustice if this compensation is then taxed by federal or state law. That money is to make things better, so shouldn’t it all...
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Because products are now being manufactured mostly overseas, the U.S. has less power to regulate safe product construction. No one knows what exactly goes on in foreign production plants, but it’s not always in the best interest of the customer. More often than not, the cheaper, foreign alternatives push manufacturers into foreign markets. Whether here...
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Some of the most common damages in a personal injury case are medical bills. It is commonly accepted in Utah and everywhere else that if a person or business causes injury to someone, then the responsible party should be liable for resulting medical bills. These medical bills, however, can make personal injury claims a little...
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