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Medical Insurance’s Effect on Personal Injury Claims

Some of the most common damages in a personal injury case are medical bills. It is commonly accepted in Utah and everywhere else that if a person or business causes injury to someone, then the responsible party should be liable for resulting medical bills.

These medical bills, however, can make personal injury claims a little more complicated. Some think that when health insurance companies pay for medical expenses it means that the victim is already taken care of. In reality, most claims include the cost for medical expenses whether insurance is involved or not— this leads to a financial discrepancy. If the victim does get money back from the offending party then they can receive double the money needed to pay for medical expenses. If they don’t file for damages including medical bills then the liable party ends up not paying for anything.

As mentioned before, in most cases, medical expenses from auto accidents and other things are included in the damages claim. However, the insurance company is able to submit something called a lien. This basically says that if their customer receives reimbursement from the claim, then the money should go to the insurance company since they paid for the majority of the cost.

Making sense of this situation can be difficult for many people in Utah and outside the state. A personal injury lawyer can help clients determine the best course of action in claims for auto accidents or whatever they may be.

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