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Weirdest Auto Accidents in Utah

An auto accident is anything but funny when you’re in it. The old adage is that comedy is only tragedy plus time. However, it’s argued that a little bit of distance from the situation can be a recipe for a new perspective. Some Salt Lake City accidents are unusual to say the least. As time passes, we can begin to get a good laugh out of them.

Man Vs. Fence

A driver going down Redwood Road in lost control of the wheel only to find himself seriously injured while tangled up with a fence. He survived in one piece but a good lawyer could’ve told him that he has no case to sue the fence since he should’ve had his seatbelt on in the first place.

A Rude Awakening

It’s not really an auto accident per se, but it involved a garbage truck and an unfortunate homeless man waking up in the back of one after falling asleep in a dumpster the night before. The man was seriously injured but will make a complete recovery. Note to self, don’t sleep in a dumpster the night before garbage day.

Watch Out Below

Drivers are not used to looking up while driving, though this guy’s lawyer will tell you it might not be a bad idea to start. An airport shuttle was seriously damaged when a piece of falling concrete hit the hood and windshield on I-15. Luckily, the driver and passenger got out with no physical harm, though they probably will think twice before driving below an overpass anytime soon.

Drive Through Home

Usually an auto accident involves one or more vehicles but in this case a house got into the action. An escaped parolee with nothing but the advice from his lawyer, was running from the law. He stole a car and drove it into the living room of a Salt Lake City home. The driver suffered minor injury and while there were two children and a father at home nobody in the house suffered any injury.

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