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The only way to improve in life is by assessing how things were before and making it better the next year around. This is not only true for personal progress, but for every little thing — even the amount of fatalities in Utah due to auto accident cases. A quick glance can show you that...
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For the first time in what feels like a lifetime, the sun is shining down on Salt Lake City. You aren’t waking up each morning trying to decide between your snow boots or your bigger snow boots. As the sun wakes us all up, motorcycles and their eager owners have been brought out of hibernation....
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Here at Robert J. DeBry, we hope to be more than just a lawyer. When it comes to the safety of our Salt Lake City citizens, we refuse to leave anything up to chance. It’s the little things we do each day that make the biggest difference. Whether it’s our $5 helmet safety campaign —...
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Hospitals are meant to be a place of healing for our loved ones. That is why it’s so demoralizing when we lose family members to medical malpractice. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital can be a difficult thing, since most hospitals have an exceptionally good lawyer on call. These lawyers are extremely capable...
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If it’s your first time in a car accident, it’s important to know the process of taking legal action. You want to avoid contacting your insurance company until you speak to your lawyer because you need to gain the right amount of evidence and information about the other party. It shouldn’t be a long and...
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La muerte de un amado es muy difícil, pero la pérdida de un miembro de la familia por los actos negligentes de otra persona es aún más difícil. Por desgracia, cada año, muchas familias en Salt Lake City y en todo el país tienen que soportar los desafíos de la muerte injusta de un miembro...
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