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drunk driving
  These days, it seems that any and all social gatherings are generally seen as an opportunity to consume alcohol. While the moralistic compasses of each individual person—be they from Salt Lake City, Utah or elsewhere—might differ ever so slightly, one principle must remain a societal constant: driving while intoxicated is unacceptable. For those who’ve...
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  Even though we live in Utah, arguably America’s most conservative state, we still see and work with an incredible number of people who currently consider themselves victims of drunk driving. Regardless of location or societal demographic, the abuse of alcohol is prevalent in the United States. While moralistic perspectives differ from person to person,...
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It is public knowledge that drunk driving is a continuing and pressing problem in Utah and around the country. Many use the excuse of poor public transportation or the costs of cabs, but the result always is the same. The FBI found that police arrested 1.41 million people in the United States in the year...
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  Utah isn’t exactly known for its consumption of alcohol. That being said, the state sadly lays claim to plenty of drunk driving victims. Regardless of place of origin, one thing is for certain: the United States has an issue with driving while under the influence of alcohol. If you or a loved one feel...
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