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driverless cars
Driverless cars, the pinnacle of automotive innovation and the potential future of safe driving, have recently proven to be anything but: according to a study from the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute in Ann Arbor, auto accident rates are twice as high for driverless cars as they are for your average error-prone human driver....
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In the advent of a world in which cars drive themselves, consumers from European cities to the rolling hills of Provo, Utah have wondered—Who is liable in the event of an auto accident involving a self-driving car? For Volvo enthusiasts, the answer is clear. In a statement from Håkan Samuelsson last week in Washington, the...
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Since the rollout of new road test rules in the state of California last year, there have been nine crashes in the state involving self-driving cars and more traditional vehicles piloted by error-prone humans. Out of the nine accidents, all but one involved a Google driverless vehicle. The data from the California Department of Motor...
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