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bicycle safety
In metropolitan areas across the country, more and more people are choosing bicycles as their preferred method of transportation. As more cyclists take to the streets, however, accidents involving cyclists increase accordingly. While protected bike lanes — becoming more prevalent in cities such as Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City — can cut down on crash...
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America is getting greener by the minute. With so many in favor of renewable energy and other ways to clean up the planet, more people have begun riding bicycles to commute. While this may help pollution, it can also lead to serious accidents if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. An auto accident lawyer often deals...
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From Farmington to Provo, if you or a loved one has been recently involved in an auto accident, then you’re already aware of the innate dangers that present themselves out on the open road each and every time a person decides to sit down behind the wheel of a car. Even more treacherous, motorcyclists often...
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  More than likely, when you first learned to ride a bike out on the streets of Provo or any other city in Utah, your parents placed the utmost importance of safety. Whether it was riding on the sidewalk or returning home before dark, nothing—for your parents, at least—was as important as keeping you safe...
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  For most young children, be they from Farmington, Utah or elsewhere, a bicycle symbolizes independence. While mild in comparison with the responsibilities of adulthood, few feelings will ever be as gratifying as the first time you sped down the street in front of your house on your very own bicycle. As children get older,...
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