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drug injury
  Regardless of the environment in which you and your family are currently living, it’s important that substance abuse and the prevention thereof be treated as a serious matter. Generally speaking, here at Robert J. DeBry, we deal with claims involving drug injury. While prescribed medications are generally able to work wonders for their respective...
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When the doctor provides a medication, the impulse reaction is to always trust their advice. If the doctor prescribed it, then the medication couldn’t be harmful, could it? Although doctors will usually go over the side effects of a drug before prescribing it to a patient in Utah or anywhere else, that doesn’t mean injury...
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  For years, Tylenol has been helping people overcome pain, reduce fever and relieve symptoms of troublesome allergic reactions. That being said, the drug has had its downfalls in recent years. For example, in 1994, a Virginia federal court jury awarded $8.8 million in compensatory funds to a person who fell into a coma, due...
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