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Personal Injury Claims
  Generally speaking, dogs are a joy to be around, and needing the service of a dog bite lawyer is the farthest thing from an owner’s mind. Whether it be going for a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon or simply lounging around the house on a cold Winter day in Provo, dogs provide people with beautiful companionship. Now, that said, some dogs aren’t so friendly and prefer that people keep their distance.
Death Of a Loved One

FAQs About Wrongful Death In Utah

Posted on October 23, 2015
  Personal injury law is a complex field of study. That said, perhaps even more tricky is the specialization of wrongful death law. Not only are most people here in Utah—be they from the Farmington area or St. George—confused by the sliver of legal practice, but many attorneys even find themselves at a loss for what to do when an irregular case arises. Fortunately, here at Robert J. Debry, each and every wrongful death lawyer
Personal Injury Claim

Hard Hits: Youth Sports Injury Statistics

Posted on October 23, 2015
  In St. George, Utah and across the country, few things are more popular than sports. Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball or some other sport, Americans can’t seem to get enough of their favorite athletic activities. But as many a lawyer would note, these fun activities unfortunately frequently result in injury and in some cases, even wrongful death. While there are occasionally incidents where nothing could have predicted that an injury would occur, in many
Construction is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Whether contractors are working on scaffolding, installing power lines or water mains, construction laborers are at a heightened risk for traumatic injury and wrongful death. Digging trenches is a necessary part of the job for plumbing and utility companies from St. George, Utah to the Eastern Seaboard. The proper formation of sidewalls and fortifications, when put in place a safe distance away from
Personal Injury Claim
Even in our picturesque home of Salt Lake City, these days, it seems that danger lurks all around us at every turn. Whether it be a tragic auto accident on a busy highway or incident of wrongful death involving an FDA-approved medication, it’s easy to get lost in the worry that accompanies these well-publicized happenings. Even worse, many of the very things we’ve come to associate with normalcy or everyday life present their respective threats.
Motorcycle Crash
From Farmington, Utah to the most remote of locations out on America’s East Cost, motorcycles are extremely expensive. For this reason, they’re almost always treated with a great deal of care and respect by their owners. However, when not in use, it’s much more difficult to have complete control over what’s going on. With that in mind, the next time you part with your beloved bike at a rest stop or local eatery in Farmington,
Hospital Room
There’s a reason so many professional and college athletes have been sporting pink shoes, undershirts and sweatbands during the month of October—it’s breast cancer awareness month. Medically speaking, from St. George, Utah to Salt Lake City, though each and every lawyer here at Robert J. DeBry generally deals with lawsuits involving medical malpractice and drug injury, we’re excited for what the future has in store for the fight against breast cancer. Though our overall contribution
Though necessary in our current day and age, driving is a dangerous activity. Not only is it threatening for those who find themselves directly behind the wheel of a vehicle in Provo, Utah or elsewhere, but it can also be a point of concern for pedestrians. For example, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, each and every year, roughly 5,000 pedestrians are involved in fatal automobile accidents. Even more harrowing, upwards of 76,000
Rural Roads
From the outskirts of Salt Lake City to other, more remote parts of the United States, living in a rural area comes with its own unique set of perks. Familial privacy, spacious properties and a more intimate connection with Mother Nature generally atop the list of benefits for those who forego the convenience of living in a city for the family farm, ranch, cabin or distant home. That said, while an escape from the hustle
Salt Lake City
These days, with advances in technology constantly taking place, it can be difficult for law enforcement agencies to keep up. While the majority of legal adjustments in Farmington, Utah and other places all across the country are put in place to prevent the further expansion of America’s auto accident epidemic, there’s yet another kind of transportive dilemma on the minds of numerous lawmakers and any experienced lawyer: unlawful aircraft operation. In recent months and years,