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What Are Your Rights When You’re Pulled Over?

Police officer public relations are currently at a historic low, making many people feel scared when they see the flashing red and blue lights in their rear view mirrors. Wrongful death cases involving police officers are rare in Salt Lake City, but remember that you have rights when an officer approaches your car.

Stop Safely

You don’t have to stop until you can find somewhere safe to stop. Since Salt Lake City roads only experience two seasons — winter and construction — it may take a second to find such a place. Police understand this; they can see the cones just like you can, and they don’t want to cause a wrongful death from running into a construction site. If an officer does try to claim you were running, remember you have the right to stop safely and contact your lawyer.

Probable Cause

A police officer can’t pull you over without probable cause. A probable cause can be anything from a taillight being out to nearly causing a wrongful death by sideswiping someone staring at his or her phone. Politely ask the officer what the problem is when he pulls you over. If it sounds odd, take note of it. Remember your lawyer can help you dispute any ticket you get, but the more information you have the better off you and your lawyer will be.

Search Without a Warrant

You should know that a police officer in Salt Lake City does have the ability to search your car without a warrant, but only in specific scenarios. If something is in plain sight, like a bag of drugs on your dashboard, he can search. If you are arrested, then your car is law enforcement’s to search through. Police can also search your car if they suspect a crime or if they suspect you will destroy evidence.

Cooperate With Eyes Open

Police officers are like motorcyclists: Ninety-nine percent are law-abiding citizens trying to do the right thing. Your lawyer will tell you that the cops involved with wrongful death cases are part of the 1 percent. When you’re pulled over in Salt Lake City, try to cooperate as much as possible, but make sure to keep your eyes open. Remember what the officer says to you in case you need to dispute it in court.

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