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Consequences of Dog Bites on Your Insurance

Having a dog is very common within the Provo area. Unfortunately, along with owning a dog comes the risk of potentially having your dog bite someone. When a dog bite occurs, a lawyer who deals with dog bite lawsuits is usually brought in. To avoid these types of lawsuits it is important to understand as a dog owner, how to avoid run ins with the law in general regarding dog bites.

Tips to Keep Your Dog Out of Trouble

Any lawyer in Provo will tell you that one of best things that you can do to avoid a lawsuit over a dog bite is to make sure that your dog is well trained and disciplined. This means that you teach them how to behave around strangers and other humans. By doing so, you can protect yourself and others around you. By doing all that you can to keep your dog well trained, you not only have the luxury of having a well trained pet but you also have the peace of mind knowing that you have a significantly less chance of problems.

Who Is Liable

There are a few reasons that the owner of the dog may not be liable for damages in the case of a dog bite. Some of these cases include someone provoking the dog leading to an injury, knowingly taking the injury from the dog after being warned of the risks, was trespassing or breaking the law, or they were unusually careless. These types of things keep the owners of the dog possibly exempt from a lawsuit assuming that they have a lawyer that can argue their side in court.

What to Do if You Are the Victim

In case you have suffered a dog bite unlawfully and need to press charges for damages, contact a lawyer in the Provo area to see what rights you have and the level of liability for each party. By understanding your rights and seeking the restitution that you deserve, you can help prevent these types of attacks and ensuing lawsuits from happening in the future.

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