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Three Ways to Stay Safe at Night on Your Motorcycle

There’s a sense of newfound freedom when you’re driving your motorcycle out on the open roads in Utah, but that freedom comes with unexpected dangers — especially at night.

In the most recent breakdown of motorcycle accidents by the Insurance Information Institute, 36.2 percent of motorcycle riders in 2013 were injured or killed between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight. In smaller towns such as Farmington, Utah which don’t have street lights on back roads, the likelihood of getting in a motorcycle accident rises exponentiallybut you can beat the odds of dealing with hospitals and a lawyer if you take the proper safety precautions when riding your motorcycle at night.

Check or Install New Headlights

Raising the angle of your headlight will help others on the road notice you earlier, even on windy roads in places like Farmington. Changing the angle of your headlight for most bikes doesn’t require special tools, but every state has different regulations for how high you can aim your headlights, so be sure to be within the guidelines of Utah’s laws or whatever state you live in. You don’t want to have to hire a lawyer just over a headlight claim. You can also install dual headlights along with your single headlight to illuminate your motorcycle’s path even more. Also be sure to check if your headlights have dimmed over time or if your headlight lens is dirty.

Make Your Gear More Visible

When you’re driving your motorcycle at night, it might be best to leave the black leather jacket at home. On dark roads in small towns like Farmington, you need to make sure you’re visible — or you’ll easily get in a motorcycle accident. Instead, opt for gear with reflectors and consider putting reflector decals on your bike. Even just one reflector on your bike, jacket or helmet will help you light up in the gloomy nights of Farmington.

Stay Focused While Riding

It might sound like it should go without saying, but even experienced riders take for granted that they don’t control the road environments around them. When there are cars behind you, be sure to lightly tap your brakes so they can see where you are on the road, and never assume that other drivers are going to obey the rules.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16 percent of weekend drivers at night are driving under the influence. Police and a lawyer can deal with drunk drivers. You just need to be aware that they’re out there.

Following these simple, common sense steps will give you more time on the open roads in Utah, and you’ll spend less time at hospitals, auto shops or with your lawyer.

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