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How to Fly Safely

Flying is fast and efficient. It’s a miraculous innovation that allows a lawyer from Salt Lake City to arrive on the East Coast in a matter of hours. Overall, flying is a relatively safe way to travel, but even the safest modes of transportation are open to accidents and wrongful death. The following safety practices will help protect you and airlines from wrongful death.

Listen to Flight Attendants

Always listen to and follow instructions from flight attendants. Flight attendants are trained to handle emergency situations. They know better than the lawyer sitting in the seat next to you.

Don’t tune out during the flight attendant safety briefing before each flight. Make sure you remember all the relevant safety procedures so that during an emergency you can do your part to keep yourself and others safe.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Always wear your seatbelt when seated on the plane. If an accident should happen on your flight home to Salt Lake City, your lawyer will have much more success getting you compensation if you were safely buckled in.

Obey Carry-On Requirements

Carry-on luggage size restrictions are in place for more reasons than just the best use of space. . Turbulence can sometimes cause bags to shift and fall out during flight. Avoiding oversized and overweight carry-on objects help keep passengers safe in case of an accident.

Don’t Drink Heavily

If you drink alcoholic beverages on flights, avoid drinking too much. Alcohol can impair your abilities and judgment in an emergent situation. It’s more difficult to prove injury from negligence or wrongful death if the victim is under the influence of alcohol.

Select Safer Aircrafts and Flights

The majority of airplane accidents, and thereby wrongful death suits, happen during landing and takeoff. They also are more likely to occur on smaller aircraft. To decrease the chance of an accident, fly on large airplanes and take a nonstop flight from Salt Lake City to the East Coast whenever possible.

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