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The Importance of Teaching Your Kids How to Swim

Every year it seems a young child loses his or her life in an unfortunate accident — a situation that no parent in Provo, Utah should ever have to go through. Young children who have not yet learned to swim are some of the most likely to drown. This is devastating for the families, especially since they could have prevented such a death with proper swimming lessons.

If a young child has never learned to swim, he or she should not be allowed anywhere near water without very strict supervision. Perhaps if the child who recently died at the Orlando Disney Resort had taken more swimming lessons, there would not be a lawyer asking if Disney is liable for wrongful death. The same lawyer also would not be asking as many questions if the parents were aware of what drowning looks like.

Why Lessons Are Necessary

Once people start to drown they cannot yell for help, even if their mouth is still above water. They may look perfectly fine when they are seconds away from going under because they do not have the air in their lungs to yell for help. A child could be drowning right in front of a parent’s eyes and the parents would have no idea.

Nobody in Provo wants to learn that a child has died because he or she had not taken swimming lessons. The more lessons your child takes, the less likely you will need a lawyer to help with the wrongful death of your child.

What They Learn

Not only will your kids be able to swim and enjoy the water more, they will also learn how to stay afloat. The kids that know how to float have significantly lower chances of drowning while in the water. Parents can also learn that drowning is not a loud affair and how to tell if their kids are drowning.

Making sure your child gets swimming lessons is important for every family in Provo. No parent wants to witness the wrongful death of their child — and giving them lessons is a great first step to avoiding such a situation.

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