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The Four Stages of Road Rage

Road rage can happen anywhere, whether you’re driving in Farmington, Utah or in a big city. The rage is usually triggered by another driver cutting you off or driving too slow. No matter how horrible other drivers are, road rage should never be the answer. If you ever fall victim to aggressive driving, do your best to deescalate the situation, if annoyance shifts to violence, don’t be afraid to call the police and your lawyer.

Road rage can start very innocently. When somebody gets annoyed by another driver, they usually start making gestures or facial expressions to show their dissatisfaction. After showing their annoyance, angry drivers can escalate the situation by honking, tail-gating, flashing lights or maliciously braking. These situations can get out of hand fast. Sometimes aggressive driving can end in an auto accident, which is why it’s so important to avoid raging on the road.


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