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The Dangers of Cold Weather on a Construction Site

As the winter season approaches, safety is of greater importance to guard against a higher risk of slippery surfaces and unpredictable weather. Construction sites are unique in that they are at greater risk during the colder months of the year. At Robert J. Debry & Associates, a firm of personal injury lawyers, we take injury claims seriously and understand the importance of prevention to avoid danger. There are important steps you can take to avoid accidents and injury on the job, including the following:

Check the Weather in Advance

Changes in temperature can vary considerably in the winter, and the difference between one or two degrees can make the difference between an icy or wet surface. Make sure all areas of risk are properly marked and sectioned off, to avoid potential slips and falls. As personal injury attorneys, we often see cases that are avoidable by preparing in advance.

Designated Heated Areas for Breaks

Arrange a heated area that provides comfort and warmth to employees and site visitors. An indoor area is ideal, though a heated tent, canopy, or trailer can offer enough relief from the cold. This is especially vital in extremely cold temperatures and high altitudes, where the risk of hypothermia is higher than usual. Keeping extra clothing or personal protective equipment on hand is also instrumental in improving safety and minimizing risk.

Emergency Kits and First Aid

Always keep an up-to-date first aid kit and material on-site, in case of an accident or injury. Encourage staff and visitors on-site to report any impact they feel as a result of the temperature or weather conditions, including injuries, even if they are minor.

Removal of Snow and Ice

Even where it is minimal, ice and snow should be frequently removed and salt or sand applied evenly to prevent slippery surfaces. Daily checks should happen before the start of every shift and following a snowfall or a thaw. All areas should be visible and easily accessible, and if this is not possible, block the area until it is okay for use.

Contact Personal Injury Lawyers

Prevention and due diligence are key in keeping your construction site safe.  Also, manageable year-round, and especially when there are frequent changes in weather. As personal injury lawyers, we understand the importance of safety and minimizing the risk of accidents.

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