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 Be Safe on Icy Roads this Fall

Research shows that at least 17% of vehicle crashes happen during the winter season. And that not being all, around 156,000 vehicle crashes occur because of icy roads. Meaning, approximately 1,300 people lose their lives because of icy roads each year. Also, over 116,800 people suffer injuries from accidents because of the same situation.

More so, research conducted over the past 24 years by NHTSA shows that December is the most affected month. The deadliest peak of accidents being around the Christmas season then followed by the New Year.

In such cases, many people end up overreacting when driving, leading to control loss. However, if you are well prepared, such events are avoidable. Meaning, in case of an accident, you are ore likely to be compensated for the loss. At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we have the best personal injury attorney in Utah. We ensure that you are well represented, mainly if the accident has caused permanent damage to your body.

So, what are some tips to be safe on Icy roads this fall?

If you are planning to travel during this holiday season, then you should use the following tips.

Prepare for winter driving.

It is advisable to ensure your vehicle gets well maintained before traveling. Winterizing your vehicle optimizes both your safety and your vehicle’s safety. That will also help improve its efficiency during the colder season.

Besides that, you should also pay attention to the weather pattern. Being aware of the situation ahead of you always keeps you alert for any case.

If your accident resulted from a slip and fall, then finding a slip and fall lawyer from RJD & Associates will help ensure you get proper compensation.

Reduce your driving speed

Ideally, nobody can drive at an average speed on an icy road. Therefore if you begin sliding or fishtailing, it means your speed is high. Reducing your driving speed will reduce the chance of accidents.

More so, it would be best if you were gentle on the brakes. Ideally, the antilock breaks don’t work well on icy roads. Also, you cant control sliding wheels with steering wheels. No matter the situation, you should avoid breaking.

A personal injury attorney ensures that they can put all the facts together to see the efforts used to prevent the accident during your compensation claim. That means following the needed rule keeps you on the right track.

Although there are still more tips to consider, relying on the central issues to help your injury attorney win the claim is essential.

If you are involved in a car accident during the winter, do not hesitate to call a personal injury attorney, Robert J Debry & Associates.

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