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Steps To Take After A Work-Related Accident

Employers and government regulations have made massive inroads in establishing safe work environments for employees. Despite significant efforts in health and safety compliance activities, human error still plays a role in work-related accidents. Follow these steps in the event of a workplace injury, and then consider opting for a personal injury attorney to further take your case with RJD & Associates.

Evaluate the extent of the injury

If a workplace injury occurs, immediately establish the severity of the damage. Follow up by calling for professional medical assistance. Rapid medical intervention can reduce damage. Also, it can help the injured party to get back to work quickly to increase productivity and sustain earning potential. Depending on the specific situation, it is vital to get medical help to record the event. Plus, ongoing medical assistance should the individual need a personal injury attorney.

Employer support

Employer support is critical for the employee who has sustained a workplace injury. Help with accessing medical professionals, worker’s compensation insurance, and accurate documentation go a long way toward helping the injured party resolve the situation. Also, precise documentation is vital to supporting any possible insurance claims by the employer or the employee should the employer’s insurance company be cooperative.

A completed accident report and in conjunction with a thorough examination of the incident taking place is necessary. Should negligence be noted on the employer’s part, a personal injury attorney is strongly encouraged, especially if the employer is not supportive.

Get Help from a personal injury attorney and report to the employer

The employee should access all available workplace help, such as legal and medical assistance, following an incident. Cooperation is vital at this time. We encourage the employee to provide regular updates to the employer if they can do so. Advise the employer if you intend to claim worker’s compensation insurance and provide them with medical reports records.

Employees should also advise their employers if they intend to consult a personal injury attorney such as RJD & Associates if they feel the need to access confidential legal assistance to achieve a fair outcome.

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