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Can You Make a Claim for a Personal Injury at Work?

Hurt at work? Call a Personal Injury Lawyer!

People spend a huge portion of their lives at work, so it makes sense that there’s a high probability that any accidents suffered during your life are likely to occur while on the job. However, it usually takes a fair bit of evidence for a workplace accident to be considered worthy of a personal injury lawsuit. So, how do you know when it’s the right time to contact a personal injury lawyer? 

At RJD & Associates, we want to outline when exactly you’re in the right and have an excellent chance of winning a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

Who’s At Fault?

This is the most obvious question that should be asked before any lawsuits are formally filed, but it can also be challenging to answer. While you might automatically think that you’re the one at fault in the case of most accidents, this isn’t entirely true. You might have slipped and fallen off of a ladder, but that could be due to the grips on the ladder steps being worn down. 

You might have tripped in the parking lot, but that could be due to snow removal companies neglecting their duties and doing a poor job of clearing our ice and snow to the safety standards they needed to. Whatever the case and whatever the accident, every detail can play a vital role in a personal injury lawsuit, so make sure to let your personal injury lawyer know every detail of your workplace accident.

Again, knowing who’s at fault is important, but that’s exactly what’s going to be determined by a personal injury lawsuit. The next question that needs to be asked is: how bad were the consequences? 

If you’ve been left paralyzed or with a severe brain injury, then contacting a personal injury lawyer might be the right call no matter what.

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