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Personal Injury: What Does it Mean?

What Personal Injury Lawyers Want You to Know

If you’ve suffered an accident at work or in life, then you might be wondering what kind of compensation you could be entitled to receive. Frequently, an accident’s financial and personal consequences can be more detrimental than the physical suffering itself. This is no secret to anyone who struggles to maintain their healthcare coverage, paying doctor bills and physical therapy costs. The like after a serious injury can prove to be too much for victims. If you’ve experienced an injury, you may consider getting a personal injury lawyer. 

So what exactly is a personal injury? 

Simply put, a personal injury lawsuit occurs when someone who has suffered an injury or accident believes that someone else is to blame for that damage occurring in the first place. That someone could be the victim’s workplace, another person in a car accident, or a corporation. 

The most obvious example that comes to mind is an older woman suing McDonald’s after suffering third-degree burns from overheated coffee. While McDonald’s tried to paint this story as one of a liar trying to take advantage of a wealthy corporation, the courts instead found in favor of the coffee victim, and to this day, McDonald’s labels their coffees with a cautionary: “Warning: Extremely Hot!”

So, a personal injury can refer to a lot of different cases. Maybe you slip on a business’ front stairwell because they didn’t salt down the ice properly. Perhaps you were rear-ended on the road and suffered whiplash as a result of it. Maybe your boss at work verbally abused you, and you suffered emotional and mental trauma – several occurrences could result in a personal injury lawsuit.

At RJD & Associates, we’re always eager to counsel people on whether their sufferings could be enough to constitute a personal injury lawsuit. Consult with us to find out if your circumstances could lead to a suit where you would need a personal injury lawyer.

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