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    Some of the most common damages in a personal injury case are medical bills. It is commonly accepted in Utah and everywhere else that if a person or business causes injury to someone, then the responsible party should be liable for resulting medical bills. These medical bills, however, can make personal injury claims a little more complicated. Some think that when health insurance companies pay for medical expenses it means that the victim is already
  • personal injury lawyers
      Simply put, automobiles are dangerous. Though necessary in today’s day and age for transportive means, when you or a loved one venture outside the comfort or your home by way of a motor vehicle, the risk of being hurt in an auto accident is run. From distracted and inebriated to inexperienced and drowsy, the types of people with whom the open road is shared is nothing short of intimidating. That being said, there’s another
  • personal injury lawyers
      Normally, when people think of tragic auto accidents and the conscious prevention thereof, their minds are drawn to incidents involving alcohol or illegal drugs. While those types of accidents are most certainly an issue in need of a sound resolution both here in Utah and elsewhere, in today’s current day and age, another type of mind-altering activity is taking place behind far too many of America’s steering wheels: texting. While the communicative means might
  • personal injury lawyers
    A hard day on the job only gets harder when some sort of work-related injury occurs. Oftentimes the injured can apply for workers’ compensation which provides them medical and financial assistance to assist in recovery. Some injuries come from harsh conditions that no one would be surprised about, but others are just flat out unexpected. The top injury related to workers’ compensation is overexertion. While this may not be surprising, it is a constant problem
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    When the doctor provides a medication, the impulse reaction is to always trust their advice. If the doctor prescribed it, then the medication couldn’t be harmful, could it? Although doctors will usually go over the side effects of a drug before prescribing it to a patient in Utah or anywhere else, that doesn’t mean injury won’t occur. Many commonly used medications have effects that can be extremely dangerous when not used with caution. One such
  • birth injury lawyers
      Throughout the course of any given life, intimidating situations are bound to arise. Whether it be a public speaking engagement, first date or job interview, dealing with the uncomfortable is just another facet of the typical human experience. Along with the aforementioned happenings, however, comes something slightly more serious: car accidents. From here in Utah to the farthest reaches of America’s East Coast, auto accidents are always occurring. While it might be easier to
  • medical malpractice lawyers
      Growing up either here in Utah or elsewhere, parents generally exercise extreme caution when dealing with their children. From learning to walk to taking the family car out for a spin, life brings with it a handful of innate dangers. While dangerous actions like running at a public pool, often resulting in slip and fall trauma, or not wearing a seatbelt are completely decision-based, unbeknownst to most, many of life’s most common activities also
  • bicycle accident lawyers
    Puppies spend a lot of their first weeks and months playing, chewing and exploring. All of these activities help puppies to learn about how to use their mouths and their sharp teeth. Biting may seem cute when a puppy is young, but when the puppy becomes a full grown dog it can become a real concern for the family and other members of your Utah neighborhood. Bite inhibition is a term used to describe dogs
  • wrongful death attorney
    Many of us have experiences on the road that involve someone else driving erratically and in an unsafe way. Road rage involves getting angry while driving and letting that anger dictate the manner in which the car is handled. Utah and many other states suffer from drivers with road rage who drive unsafely. Anger affects the part of the brain that helps us respond emotionally to our surroundings. When a person becomes angry, he or
  • Steve Sullivan attorney
      Whether you and your family plan on spending a beautiful day at Utah lake or decide to take in a relaxing evening in front of the television, odds are that you plan on enjoying the company of a beloved pet. While there are certainly a wide variety of pets to choose from, the title of “Man’s Best Friend” belongs to none other than the dog. In fact, so infatuated with their furry friends are
  • personal injury attorneys
      Even though we live in Utah, arguably America’s most conservative state, we still see and work with an incredible number of people who currently consider themselves victims of drunk driving. Regardless of location or societal demographic, the abuse of alcohol is prevalent in the United States. While moralistic perspectives differ from person to person, what’s entirely inappropriate is the transporting of alcohol and it’s mind- and action-altering side effects from a bar or restaurant
  • drunk driving victim attorneys
      Regardless of who you are or where you come from, old age is inevitable. Whereas some people are able to drift into old age as independent senior citizens living in their own homes, others are less fortunate and—due to specific circumstances—must take up residence in any one of America’s many nursing homes. While living in a nursing home—be it here in Utah or elsewhere—can certainly be an enjoyable, rewarding experience, unfortunately, numerous are the