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Post-Accident Documentation: Photographs Are Key

In the early moments after an auto accident, the last thing you are probably thinking about is documentation. Nevertheless, taking photographs of an auto accident site and any resulting damages and injuries is imperative for a successful insurance claim and any future personal injury case.

Any experienced lawyer would say that the first priority after an accident is to call 911. The second? Start taking photographs. As soon as any medical emergencies are handled, responding police officers in places like Provo, Utah ensure public safety by clearing the roadways–effectively destroying any and all evidence of negligence and causation. 

For a lawyer in Provo to make a convincing case in an auto accident lawsuit, he or she will need to demonstrate causation and liability. Detailed photographs can help provide convincing evidence.

Photographs of the crash site should be taken from all possible angles–from above, below, up-close and at a distance–to accurately construct the scene of the accident. The more photos, the better, so snapping two or three shots from each angle is ideal. Photos of skid marks, traffic indicators and weather conditions can help tell the story of how an accident occurred and who is ultimately at fault.

It is important to document the damage to all cars involved in an accident, including any debris around the crash site. Also, if you suffer any visible injuries in an auto accident, such as cuts, bruises or broken bones, photographs of those injuries can help your lawyer make a case for damages. If additional physical evidence of injury shows up in the days following a crash, be sure to take photo of this as well.

Finally, to properly document a crash, all photos need to be time and date stamped. To do this, turn on your digital camera or smart phone’s time stamp function.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Provo or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer immediately.

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