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How to File for Workers Compensation in Utah

Claiming damages from a work-related slip and fall injury can be confusing and somewhat stressful. However, with a little help from a trusted lawyer, it can be simple. Visit or call Robert J. Debry at our office in Salt Lake City or the location nearest you for further clarification on this process.

Workers’ Compensation varies from state to state, so here are the most important steps when filing in Utah, as outlined by Utah’s Labor Commission on its website.

Report the Injury

The most important thing to do when you suffer a slip and fall accident at work is to report the injury to your employer immediately. To ensure the claim is handled in a timely manner and to increase your chances of approval, be sure to file within the first seven days of the incident.

Visit Your Employer’s Designated Physician

In order to receive compensation, you will need to visit the medical provider chosen by your company. If one is not available, be sure to inform the doctor you see that your injury is work-related. Your doctor will then fill out Form 123 and give a copy to you, the Labor Commission and insurance company.

Open a Claim

Within 21 days of receiving your report, the insurance provider will open a claim on your behalf to claim compensation from your employee benefits program. When working with a personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, most of the legal work is handled for you, allowing you to focus on recovery.

Determine Compensation

If your claim is approved, the insurance carrier will determine, with your employer, the amount of money you will receive for time off work. Medical bills are usually also paid through the company’s insurance and handled through your claim.

If your slip and fall injury claim is denied, be sure to talk with your lawyer in Salt Lake City to determine further action.

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