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Zofran Is Still Being Examined for Birth Defect Risks

Pregnancy is a happy and often celebrated time for many women in Farmington and throughout Utah. But, it’s also a time when many women undergo bodily and hormonal changes. Severe nausea and morning sickness, unfortunately, are seemingly unavoidable for most women during their pregnancies. That’s precisely why many doctors prescribe Zofran—a medication used to treat nausea in cancer patients, says

The problem is, Zofran has not been approved for maternal use during pregnancy; it was only approved for cancer and post-surgery patients in 1991. Numerous women who have taken Zofran while pregnant have suffered from severe drug injury. Even worse, a Missouri-based law firm reveals that an unborn child exposed to Zofran is likely to develop physical abnormalities, such as cleft lip and/or palate, pulmonary hypertension and even kidney problems.

While there is no permanent cure for morning sickness or nausea, our drug injury lawyers would like to remind everyone to make safety the number one priority when consuming prescription drugs. Many times, doctors in Farmington and elsewhere prescribe the wrong medications. In the case of Zofran, it can harm a mother and even worse—a precious fetus.

If you or someone you love has taken Zofran while pregnant, don’t hesitate to contact one of our drug injury lawyers to receive any necessary answers or help.

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