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What on Earth is Brachial Plexus Injury?

Ever visited the doctor for a routine checkup and walked out of the office with a diagnosis for something that you can’t even properly pronounce? More than likely, something similar has occurred throughout the course of your life. Speaking of puzzling medical terms and scientific names for illnesses, as of late, many people have asked themselves the following: what on earth is brachial plexus injury (BPI)?

Many people in St. George and throughout Utah don’t really understand what BPI is, even though it’s a rather common injury. Johns Hopkins Medicine gives a clear definition of BPI: “An umbrella term for a variety of conditions that may impair function of the brachial plexus nerve network.”

The majority of these injuries are caused by trauma, like severe auto accidents. In the human body, the brachial plexus is basically a cluster of nerves in the neck region of the spinal cord that controls the shoulders, arms and hands. This group administers motions in the arms, hands and wrists. Without these nerves, we wouldn’t be able to do even the simplest of tasks, like typing on a keyboard or lifting weights at the gym.

When someone in St. George or elsewhere in Utah has a BPI, he or she will likely experience a loss of sensation in the affected areas. The symptoms and severity varies in everyone, because each and every body handles pain differently. Sometimes, feeling and sensation will return after a few days; however, when involved in severe auto accidents, some people may have permanent nerve damage, meaning they may never be able to control arm or wrist movement again.

Of course, as with most injuries, there are different types and degrees of BPIs. Auto accidents commonly result in BPIs. If you or someone you love in St. George or other parts of Utah has had a traumatic experience, be sure to contact one of our personal injury lawyers to receive the professional guidance and answers that are needed.

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