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Save Your Own Life: Drive Defensively Around Trucks


Trucking accidents are usually much more severe than any other auto accidents. This could be due to the fact that semi trucks weigh about 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. Since other cars usually weigh significantly less, their damage is much more severe.

It’s extremely important then that regular cars learn how to drive defensively around larger trucks. The first thing to remember is to be aware and calm. Although this may not seem very defensive, alertness is one of the best tools to take control of any dangerous automotive situation.

Another thing to remember is that trucks take a lot longer to stop than normal cars. Many auto accidents have occurred in Utah and around the world because cars will merge far to close to a semi. If a semi truck has to stop for some reason, the truck won’t have enough time to do so safely.

Being aware of a trucker’s blind spots is also a good defensive move, especially if it’s a windy day in Utah. The best way to combat this is to never idle while operating next to a semi truck. If possible, stay behind the truck until there is enough room to quickly get past him.

Also, don’t forget that trucks have to make wider turns than regular cars. Be aware that, when turning next to a semi, it could easily come into your lane. To prevent this, wait for the semi to turn; afterwards, respond accordingly.

Defensive driving is not about doing dangerous things to make truckers angry. Defensive driving is about remaining alert to the differences between your car and a semi. This will keep the road safer for both you and other passengers.

Fusion 360 - 5 Defensive Tips for Driving Around Semi Trucks (Robert J. DeBry)

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