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Wrongful Death: Do I Need A Lawyer for This?

Do I Need a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful death claims often arise when someone’s demise occurred due to the actions, inactions, or negligence of an individual, government agency, or company. During such instances, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed on behalf of the surviving members closely acquainted with that person. Contact a Wrongful Death Attorney to start filing your claim today.

The criteria of determining who these survivors are may vary across state lines. However, in most cases, a spouse, parent of a minor, and the surviving children can pursue damages for their loved one’s wrongful demise.

These types of lawsuits may arise under various circumstances, including medical malpractice, car accidents, occupational exposure to dangerous working conditions, criminal activities, or accidents happening during supervised activities.

Whichever the case, the surviving parties may receive damages for their pain and suffering as well as the loss of wages and funeral and burial costs. These cases can be quite challenging to prove, and below are a few reasons you should always work with a competent wrongful death attorney.

The Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

One of the main reasons you should consider hiring a wrongful death attorney is because they fully understand the legal intricacies surrounding wrongful death lawsuits.

Such attorneys are conversant with multiple facets of the law relevant to a wrongful death case, allowing them to credibly and successfully pursue just outcomes for the surviving victims. Wrongful death attorneys can negotiate on your behalf, especially with insurance companies, when you’ve decided to settle the matter outside court.

This may probably be to your advantage since most insurance companies hire a team of legal experts who make merry at the sight of inexperienced counsel. Additionally, it would be best if you considered hiring an attorney to litigate your wrongful death case since they know how they can obtain maximum damages.

They may have a wealth of experience litigating wrongful death and other personal injury claims, which gives them an upper hand during the entire process.

In Summary

At Robert J. Debry & Associates, we offer comprehensive representation in personal injury cases. Through our competent team of wrongful death attorneys, we can pursue maximum damages for the wrongful demise of a loved one.

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