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Slip and Fall Accidents: Do I Need a Lawyer for This?

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Accidents happen every day and always are unexpected. When you suffer a slip and fall accident, you should be sure to consider all of your options to return to your previous health and wellness. A personal injury attorney will be able to evaluate your experience and help you make important decisions.

When Are You Most Likely to Be Injured?

While inclement weather is a common reason for slip and fall accidents, falls can happen in many places and at any time. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, there are almost eight million emergency room visits every year, and falls cause lost days from work.

What Should I Do After Experiencing a Slip or Fall?

First, seek medical attention. Many people have underlying conditions that increase their fragility, and you don’t want to ignore how a fall impacts your overall health.

Secondly, report the accident. Your medical visit is part of that process, but you want to file a claim with the property owner.

Finally, don’t post about your accident or talk to many people before speaking to a personal injury attorney. Suppose you are in the Salt Lake City area. In that case, the law firm of Robert J. Debry & Associates is always available to offer you legal advice about the following steps to take after an accident.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

It is recommended that you seek legal counsel to understand all of your options. Talking to a lawyer does not commit you to legal action. According to The National Law Review, an attorney who is experienced with personal injury cases may be able to help you evaluate your claim while you are in recovery. Your next steps will depend upon the nature of your injuries, but since even a simple sprain can lead to future health issues, you should consider all of your options.

For more information, contact us today! One of our professional personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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